Training: 23-29 Oct

I set myself two goals for this week: to run 50km and to go to the gym three times. I found my mini-goals to be quite motivating, and yet they allowed me to stay flexible in the running I wanted to do. Part-way through the week I decided to drop out of the training trial I mentioned last week because following someone else’s plan for me was causing me too much stress. I’d prefer to have more control over my own training at the moment.

Monday: Conditioning

The gym was so full that I entirely regretted leaving my session for the evening. I had wanted to do a lower or upper strength day, but every weight and machine was in use so I had to settle for doing a conditioning set. Four rounds of 11 moves left me a sweaty mess, added to by finishing with 30 burpees. Sye & I have challenged ourselves to do 30 burpees every day for 30 days before we head off to Australia. I’m interested to see what happens to my strength!

Tuesday: Track

I haven’t been to track in so long and I could feel my absence; mentally as much as physically. The set was not an easy one to jump in at: 3x1600m, 3x800m, 3x400m. Or at least, that’s what I was supposed to do by running with Group 2… I managed the first two 1600m, then dropped the second 400m of the third. Lasted 200m of the first 800m and then dropped to Group 3 who were running at a similar pace, but doing 2x800m and 2x400m. Our 400s to finish were 1:36 and 1:33 so wasn’t all bad news 👌

Wednesday: Strength (lower) + Easy run

This week’s lower body session was kettlebells again, aka my least favourite set. It was just a case of getting it done though (once I’d rescued the matching 12kg kettlebell from wherever some previous gym-goer had hidden it). Got my 30 burpees done in the morning and then rounded off the day with a little easy run with Sye on the standard loop in the evening.

Thursday: ‘Test’ run

Nope. Nope nope nope. Nope. I don’t like being told to ‘run as fast as possible’. That phrase gets caught up in my head and I go too hard and fast and burn out too quickly and end up in a crying mess at the side of Clapham Common at 7:30am. Eek. Was meant to do 15mins to use as progress marker going forward. I managed… 2min. Tried to redeem the run by at least doing another (slow) loop but that run put a dampener on my whole day.

Friday: Strength (upper)

It’s amazing how different the gym is on a Friday morning to a Monday evening… there was no-one around! Was hoping to increase my weights again but with all the burpees lately my arms are feeling a bit sore.

Saturday: parkrun + Run + Swim

Went along to Finsbury Park parkrun this morning to run my 17th different parkrun in London for 2017, ticking off that goal from my list! Last minute I realised that this was Halloween weekend and so decided to run it in my lion onesie… it was boiling! I managed to keep the hood up the whole run though (for the most effect) and at the end was a puddle of sweat. However, it got some great cheers and I learned never to wear it out running again – very good to know.

Didn’t have anything planned for the rest of the day so ended up going out for another little run around the standard loop and then swam 1km of 3x200m (50 easy, 50 steady, 50 easy, 50 fast). Over the next few weeks/months I want to build up my base fitness again, so days like this are going to become the norm.

Sunday: Long run + Cycle

I have cycled around Richmond Park so many times, but have never run a full loop of the perimeter! With our weeks left in London counting down, I finally headed there to do my long run. It’s a gorgeous route with a few challenging uphills, but also a brilliant downhill stretch where I overtook several bicycles. I got so caught up in my running that I didn’t realise where I was and the cafe where I’d planned to stop for a snack caught me completely off-guard! It was sunny and not too cold, all the ingredients for a gorgeous day.

Topped off the week by ticking off another goal: cycling 1000km for the year! I only needed to do 16km so my route wasn’t very interesting, but it’s all about those Strava statistics 😉

Total kilometres: 53.4km (+ 20.4km cycling)

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