Training: 24-30 Dec

One last week in Australia and one last week of training for 2018! Had a lovely time over Christmas eating food but still getting some runs in, including a festive parkrun on Christmas Day! The few weeks in Australia were really good to me – I could properly relax and recharge for the new year and upcoming training for Boston Marathon.



Expected: Rest day
Actual: A little bit of swimming, a little bit of boxing, and a lot of last-minute Christmas shopping…


Expected: 30min easy run
Actual: Christmas Day parkrun at North Wollongong! Started out strong in what I thought was first female (actually second) and held it until halfway before fading over the grass. Finished in 4th place and then ran partway home before hitching a ride from Sye ?‍♀️
[5km, 23:17, 4:39/km, 172bpm + 5.2km, 30:01, 5:46/km, 155bpm]


Expected: 10min WU, then 3x5min @ threshold off 90sec, 10min CD
Actual: Last run down in Bulli and it went alright – managed the first two blocks completely through but then took the last on in ~1:30 intervals. Brain just wasn’t there. Reps: 4:22/km, 4:22/km, 4:17/km
[8.5km, 45:01, 5:16/km, 160bpm]


Expected: 30min recovery run
Actual: Easy run around hilly Copa keeping things super slow to deal with the elevation gain
[5.3km, 35:11, 6:38/km, 146bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: My parents bought steel folding bicycles a few months ago, so we figured we had to take them out for a spin. They’re heavy and tough work even just going up minor hills! Cycled 11.5km in ~50mins.

Rainbow lorikeet came to visit ?

Expected: parkrun
Actual: Headed to Woy Woy for my last parkrun in Aus (and fourth different parkrun in three weeks, happy with that!) and had a mixed-feelings race. Mixed because I didn’t feel like I ran well at all – slowed down after a mile and spent the whole time expecting someone to overtake me – and yet finished still in second place. ?‍♀️
[5km, 22:34, 4:31/km, 176bpm]


Expected: 15min easy, 15min steady, 15min easy
Actual: In amongst packing for the evening flight home & spending some last time with my parents, this didn’t happen. Sad to leave Aus, it was a wonderful trip ❤️???

Total kilometres: 29km ?

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