Training: 24-30 Sept

With my mum in town, my time became more focused on spending time with her than doing lots of training: which worked out well given that I’m in taper-mode ahead of Chicago Marathon on Oct 7! I also finished my French classes which has given me all my evenings back… feels a bit strange, and it took me a few days to adjust to the changes. By the end of the week though I’d had some good runs under my belt & some quality mum-time, and now the excitement is growing!



Expected: 30min easy run + 20min conditioning
Actual: Mum arrived but was pretty tired, so Sye & I popped out for the easy run. Skipped conditioning.
[6km, 35:19, 5:51/km, 140bpm]


Expected: 10min WU, then 3, 5, 7, 5, 3mins @ threshold off 2min walk recovery, 10min CD
Actual: Used my run-commute to get this session done, and I don’t know if it was my special shoes or what, but my paces were on fire! 🔥 OK, possibly even a little too fast but the first few reps felt far too easy. Aimed for 4:30/km and hit: 4:23/km, 4:17/km, 4:23/km, 4:17/km, 4:20/km BOOM
[11km, 58:00, 5:18/km, 153bpm]


Expected: 40min easy run
Actual: Oops, mis-read my schedule & took a rest day here instead… so enjoy a photo of me & mum looking cute ☺


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Catching up on Wednesday’s 40min easy run. Managed to get myself out early for this – knowing I want to spend time with Mum in the evening was a big motivator there! It always feels horrible to start with, but great once it’s done.
[7km, 41:15, 5:53/km, 147bpm]


Expected: 10min WU, then 1, 2, 3, 2, 1mins @ 90% (10km) off 90sec recovery, 10min CD
Actual: Forgot about pace and instead just ran hard-ish, which got faster as I went along. Another morning run ticked off and feeling good to start the day 👍
[6.6km, 36:31, 5:33/km, 148bpm]


Expected: 30min easy run
Actual: After doing my 25th volunteer at parkrun (which makes me a ‘hi-viz hero’ 😄) with Sye, I ran home. Can’t remember if anything interesting happened other than that it was really cold at parkrun and then the sun came out & it got hot. Not looking forward to this upcoming ‘winter’ thing.
[6.1km, 34:28, 5:38/km, 139bpm]


Expected: 70min run, pick up the middle 50mins to Marathon Pace
Actual: Let go of trying to ‘nail’ the MP section as one continuous piece, and instead just ran faster for that bit of my long run (read: I stopped at traffic lights, to take off gloves, and for photos at one point). Covered my watch for the first half & felt like I was probably working too hard… which was accurate as it turned out to be ~4:25/km pace! Relaxed in the second half and this bit flew by at a more reasonable ~4:40/km pace. Big confidence boost ahead of Chicago – now just to do that 3x in a row!
[14.6km, 1:10:01, 4:47/km, 164bpm]

Total kilometres: 51.3km

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