Training: 25-31 Dec

One last week to round out 2017 and finish the Advent Running challenge. I took quite a few rest days this week to recover from Advent Running and taper for the Neujahrsmarathon at midnight of 1 Jan. Also fit in one last London parkrun, because as of next week we will be living in Paris!

Monday: Christmas Run

Wore my Christmas jumper for a spin around Regent’s Park with Sye. Annoyingly my Strava didn’t record 1.5 inner laps, so I had to go and do a bit more at the end to make sure that I recorded 11.4km, to total 240km for the Advent Running period. Very pleased with that result, it means that December will be one of my highest mileage months in a while.

Tuesday: Progression/intervals run

I’ve grown accustomed now to going for a run every day, so when Sye was heading out for his I went along too. Rather than another easy run though I wanted to do something a bit faster. My plan was a 3km progression run with a 1.5km warm up & cool down. Set off well for the first kilometre, and increased the pace a little for the second kilometre. Annoyingly I though I had to dodge some groups of people walking along the canal, and that broke my focus a little. I stopped 800m into the second km for a breather and from there on it was intervals to finish off the run. Not what I had planned but I did manage to run the 3rd kilometre intervals at sub-4:00/km pace, no wonder I couldn’t keep it up for more than 300m! Would love to get back to a place where I can maintain that speed for several kilometres.

Wednesday: Rest

It was tempting to keep the streak alive, but the weather was awful and so I decided to spend the day exploring the Tate Modern instead. My favourite ‘exhibit’ was definitely the swings which anyone could enjoy! I love modern art, and it was lovely to slow down and enjoy something cultural for a change.

Thursday: Easy run + Hills

Was asleep before, during and after the morning run, not sure what was going on there. This run took us along the Grand Union Canal which I’d never run along before. I always like discovering new places in a city – I only wish I’d found this one a little earlier! It was misty and icy and I had fun cracking some of the frozen-over puddles we came across.

Later I checked Strava to see that I was quite close to having run 2500m of elevation in December… so out I went for a hills session to round it off. We’re close by to Primrose Hill, where my plan was to do 3 sets of 3 climbs, with a jog recovery between each climb. On the last rep of the second set I was crawling up the hill and so decided to call it a day. 10 miles total for the day was plenty anyway.

Friday: Rest

Another day where I chose a museum over running. Today’s choice was the Museum of London, where I learned a lot about the city I’ve been living in for the past two years.

100 year old model of St Paul’s Cathedral from the 12th century

Saturday: Ally Pally parkrun

Unlike two weeks ago, this week I successfully made it to Alexandra Palace for parkrun! The course was partially waterlogged so I was glad to have worn trail shoes. My start was fast until I realised that I was running a marathon soon, so reined it in a little. Coming through to the second I lost some momentum on the road section of the course, but once I’d climbed the hill (yuk) to the trail section it sorted itself out. The 25:29 finish was nothing spectacular, however I was glad to have added another parkrun to my tourism collection.

Sunday: Rest

Spent the day travelling from London to Zürich via Paris for the Neujahrsmarathon – oh and eating lots of food! Had no idea how to fuel for a marathon which starts at midnight, so I seemed to just go with ‘eat everything’. Not sure it was the right plan…

Total kilometres: 39km

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