Training: 25 June – 1 July

I got to Tuesday of this week and already felt like I was looking forward to my rest day on Friday. Haven’t had that feeling for a while so it definitely means training is heating up. Most exciting thing of the week though was finally running my 100th parkrun! Big celebration which had been a long time coming.



Expected: 30min recovery run + 20min conditioning
Actual: happy to have a double day on the plan but I slept in and missed the gym. Went to do the recovery run in the evening with Sye, and ended up just never turning back to go home, oops.
[9.5km, 53:58, 5:40/km, 153bpm]


Expected: Adidas Runners (Chill pace)
Actual: Different set-up for the summer months meant the longest distance was 10km. Ran with the 6:00/km pace group but once again pushed the pace. It was pretty damn hot but got better as the evening went along. Also did legs at the gym to make up for Monday.
[10.5km, 58:38, 5:34/km, 160bpm]


Expected: 12min easy, 12min steady, 12min easy
Actual: I nearly didn’t do this. In the end it took blasting tunes and wearing fun socks to get me out the door. Basically did the absolute minimum necessary – I was just tired & hot and should not have left it for the evening.
[7km, 37:31, 5:21/km, 163bpm]


Expected: Adidas Runners track session
Actual: Been wanting to go along to one of the Odéon ‘fractionné’ sessions for ages, but was actually really annoyed because there was no running planned! It was all drills & conditioning and I’d already done arms at the gym that morning. I did the drills and then went off to try some 400s, but went out too hard plus felt self-conscious for abandoning the group. Called it quits after 3 good [1:27, 1:25, 1:26 per 400m] and two failed reps. Awful session, haven’t had it that bad in a long time.
[1.1km, 6:40, 6:00/km, 147bpm (warm up) + 1.6km, 6:11, 3:47/km, 158bpm]


Expected: Rest
Actual: Thank the lord! Spent the evening baking a deliciously sugary cake for the morning’s celebrations mmmm


Expected: 100th parkrun!
Actual: Was brilliant to finally achieve this milestone but the run itself wasn’t great. Got this idea in my head that it could be a PB run but I’m not there yet (plus it was hot). Came away with first female, but still got a long way to go. Loved seeing my friend Genieve run her first parkrun though, and Sye & another friend Kate came along too.
[1.2km, 6:55, 6:01/km, 145bpm (warm up) + 4.9km, 21:39, 4:25/km, 182bpm]


Expected: Travel day
Actual: Before flying out to Canada for a week’s holiday, I fit in a half-hour run on the treadmill to test out some new shoes (so that I can still return them, if necessary!). Progression run increasing speed every kilometre, and then each 20sec to finish. Decent run but not sold on the shoes 🙁
[6km, 31:17, 5:13/km]

Total kilometres: 41.8km

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