Training: 25 Sept – 1 Oct

Total recovery week, which honestly was a bit weird. My big goal was suddenly done and I was in recovery mode. I’m not quite sure how to do ‘nothing’ – I’ve been living by a spreadsheet and training plans all year. But I did my best to rest, socialise and generally have a break.

Monday & Tuesday: Rest

Two days exploring Berlin (which mostly meant sleeping in until 11am and then drinking bier for the rest of the day). I had wanted to go and run with the Kraft Runners on Tuesday evening & spent the day lugging my gear around – but in the end I just didn’t feel like it and instead we ate pork knuckle and drank more steins and champagne and had a glowstick party in our AirBnB.

But I did get my marathon time etched into a band at the Adidas Running store, which was really special.

Wednesday: Easy run

A little run to stretch out the legs was on the agenda for the morning, although I mis-remembered our checkout time and so we had to cut it short. Did get to discover Viktoriapark, an oasis in the middle of the city. It had a waterfall and greenery and great views from the top of the hill. You could easily forget that you’re in a capital city in there. My legs felt OK but our pace was very slow, so there’s still a lot of recovery to be done.

Thursday: Massage

The sports masseuse said my legs were actually pretty good given what I’d put them through. That’s not to say there wasn’t quite a bit of yelping going on though!

Friday: Easy run

Went out with work friends on Thursday night and paid dearly for it the next morning. By evening my head felt a lot better and so went out for a little 7km loop around Clapham Common with Sye. It’s getting really dark in the evening now so we have had to modify our route a little to avoid a path through the park that would be too dodgy otherwise. Finished at Five Guys for a milkshake and a burger because… why not?

Saturday: Bushy Park parkrun

It’s not technically a milestone, but this weekend was my 50th parkrun in London! I’ve completed 86 in total, but 50 of those have been within the M25 (and half at Mile End parkrun!). I figured that ‘milestone’ was worth a pilgrimage to Bushy Park parkrun where it all began 13 years ago. It was also ticked another event off my 17-in-2017 tourism goal – we’re getting close now!

Bushy Park parkrun sees more than 1000 people attend each Saturday, which means it is very busy! I started too far back in the pack and found it hard to run at the speed I wanted because I kept getting stuck behind people. Eventually it thinned out a little, but there were still plenty of puddles to navigate. I had forgotten to wear my watch and so just ran on feel with no clue how far there was to go, so to finish in 24:19 is pretty good!

After second breakfast we found a place to hire rowboats and took one out on the Thames for an hour. Rowing is really hard (I’m quite uncoordinated) but it was great to be on the water.

Sunday: ‘Long’ run

Did a 10km run from Battersea Park and went eastwards for a change towards the Battersea Power Station. I got stuck in building works and had to turn around after a few kilometres, but it still felt like I’d discovered a new area of the city. The run itself was good too, pace faster than I expected whilst still feeling easy.

Total kilometres: 25km

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