Training: 26 Feb – 4 March

A slight uptick this week, but also made some decisions which will change the course of my training going forward (more on that later). Had a really terrible long run with many many tears, but also got through it which I think was a pretty big turning point.



Expected: Strength (upper) + Easy 10-15km run
Actual: Put on a podcast and just ran easy. Lunchtime in the sunshine (but cold & windy) and I felt happy.
[15km, 1:21:21, 5:25/km, 151bpm]


Expected: Yoga + Adidas Runners 15km then run home
Actual: It was so cold (minus degrees) that not many people showed up to Adidas and the 15km route was cancelled. I instead went with the 12km ‘somewhere between 5:15 and 5:30’ group which ended up being 5:10 pace. It was easy running and lots of fun, but I definitely felt really tired and hungry on the run-commute home.
[16.5km, 1:27:07, 5:15/km, 155bpm]


Expected: Intervals of 6x1mi with 400 jog, 2km WU and 2km CD
Actual: Was meant to run these at 4:35-4:45 pace but got a bit carried away with the speed and then kept stopping and then got bored of running up and down the quai and then kept trying to call it quits and then eventually did after 3 reps. Eek. Reps I did do were: 7:03, 7:08, 6:58 but not really because I stopped a lot.
[10km, 49:00, 4:54/km]


Expected: Strength (lower)
Actual: Gym session and then no running all day 🙌


Expected: 10km tempo run
Actual: Tried to go back to the old-style of tempo run from January and, just like in Jan, once again was stopping all the time. Ahhhh… Cut the tempo into two 4km sections with a 2km jog in-between, and honestly even the jog felt hard. Picked it up for the second tempo section though which was a bit faster than the first (18:54 vs 18:16).
[14km, 1:09:23, 4:57/km, 163bpm]


Expected: Volunteer at parkrun + Long run along the whole trail section of EcoTrail de Paris
Actual: The RER C was closed so it took me nearly two hours to get from parkrun to the ETdP route. From the get-go it was shocking – I kept faffing around with my new pack (review to come), directions, shoelaces – anything you can imagine. Then I found myself unable to run up any hill which made me feel incredibly frustrated and pathetic. It got so bad at 13.5km that I had to sit on a log for 10min and cry. It’s the same point where I gave up a few weeks ago – but this time I decided that I had no other opportunity to run this whole course, so I better damn do it today. I gave myself permission to walk all the hills, take breaks whenever I needed to, and to cry if that helped too. I also started religiously drinking electrolytes every 15min and eating periodically too and I think all of that helped. It was slow (nearly 4 hours!) but I made it through the 35km and damnit if I could get through that run then I can get through the race in two weeks.
[35km, 3:49:19, 6:33/km, 147bpm, 760m+!]


Expected: Run to cheer!
Actual: This was the Semi Marathon de Paris, and I knew a few people running so went along to cheer the race. It was rainy and not the best conditions, but everyone seemed to run really well. I saw most people I knew at 14km, and then ran back along the route to join the Adidas Runners at 10km. Didn’t stay too long there because it was wet and the runners were thinning out so ran home.
[5km, 27:56, 5:34/km, 137bpm + 6km, 33:46, 5:37, 139bpm]

Three good things for this week

  1. Beating the demons to finish that long run. Was also the longest training run I’ve ever done, entirely alone with no music, the longest trail run I’ve ever done, and the most elevation I’ve ever run in one run. So actually, although it didn’t feel great, it was a pretty big achievement!
  2. Gym sessions have been going well, I’m really enjoying them.
  3. Seeing my friend Claudi from London (and others) running the Semi, although it did give me FOMO not to be out there myself!

Three things to improve on

  1. Hills, and
  2. Endurance, and
Total kilometres: 101.5km, 1425m+

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