Training: 26 June – 2 July

Much resting was done this week. I needed the break after the triathlon, and it coincided with a busy work week + moving house, so there wasn’t much time left over anyway. Oh and then there was a swim-race on Saturday because I can’t resist signing up to events.

Monday & Tuesday: Rest

Kept meaning to do things like stretch or go to one last spin class, but didn’t do any of it. Did pack up most of my life into bags ready for the weekend’s move, pretty proud I was on top of that timeline!

Had to take down my medal display 😞 It’ll go back up in the new place though! (Not a bad haul for 6 months)

Wednesday: Swim

Cut down the planned set to 2/3rds because I couldn’t face doing the whole distance. 6x50m warm up alternating freestyle and backstroke (didn’t drown!), then 600m continuous main set and 100m pull, 100m kick, 100m freestyle to finish.

In the evening partied it up with my friend Mel at the Science Museum Lates, this time Pride-themed. We decorated cookies, gave each other rainbow eyeshadow and then danced for ages to a silent disco. So much fun – and it’s on every last Wednesday of the month!

Thursday: Easy run-commute

I’m so excited for moving house because the run-commute will be 7-8km long, as opposed to the measly 2.8km from my current place. Had to extend it by jogging around Hyde Park a little to bring it up to 30mins. New backpack from the triathlon is really great and will be fabulous for the longer commute.

Friday: Progression run

I didn’t want to run a progression run, so just convinced myself to go out and do 45min easy running instead, trying out heart-rate running for a change. After 15min at <155bpm I was feeling great and wanted to do the rest of the progression after all! Steady section at <170bpm, hard at <180bpm. Was different to forget about pace, but the hard section was a good level of manageable push, so perhaps there’s something to HR training.

Saturday: Great London Swim

Cramps happened. Distance happened. I was largely underprepared and somewhat hungover: not a great mix for a 2-mile open water swim race (actually more like 3.5km with zig-zags). Ah well, I still got a medal and then had an excuse to eat everything under the sun afterwards.

Sunday: Complete Rest

I promised myself this day off weeks ago, and while it was tempting to go out and do any number of things (long run, long cycle, etc.) I really enjoyed just having a day of nothingness: coffee and brunch, drinks in the park, reading a book – it was a good day 🙌

Total kilometres: 4.7km swimming + 0km cycling + 13.7km running = 18.4km

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