Training: 26 Nov – 2 Dec

For a change, this week Ben gave me a ‘blank week’ to fill in as I wanted with running, swimming, Body Pump, whatever I felt like. I think he expected me to go to lots of social runs, but the week really ended up looking like any other of the past weeks! It’s the last week of off-season before I start training again for Boston, plus was just after the San Sebastian Marathon, so I spent some days resting and ate a whole lot of food…



Expected: (nothing)
Actual: Rest day to let my body recover from the marathon and my brain from the lack of sleep over the weekend. Whole body ached. Did buy myself a little reward for this year’s efforts… the Garmin 735XT! (and had pizza for lunch)


Expected: (nothing)
Actual: My favourite Tuesday Body Pump class in the evening, although I kept the weights a little lighter.


Expected: (nothing)
Actual: Went out for a little morning run with Sye to take the new watch for its first spin. So far it’s already much more accurate with its average pace, so I’m happy! Plus it has multisport functionality which will be great for triathlon training again next year. We ran slow but I hit a nice stride towards the end of this run.
[6km, 36:36, 6:06/km, 152bpm]


Expected: (nothing)
Actual: Met up with my friend Pippa and we ran along the Seine, about half my run-commute distance. It was lovely to catch up and spend some chatty miles together. We split at the Eiffel Tower as she lives north, and although I was originally thinking of taking the metro home I just kept running for some decent distance.
[9.3km, 53:53, 5:47/km, 149bpm]


Expected: (nothing)
Actual: Nearly got derailed but a change of plans meant I could fit in another run with Sye in the evening. Also finished off the 600g jar of Nutella which I’d been working on all week ?
[9km, 55:07, 6:07/km, 147bpm]


Expected: (nothing)
Actual: Wanted to try a fast parkrun and give Pippa a run for her money. She ran a 21:50 at Florence last week so I figured she’d be a good person to chase. I set out waaaaay too fast for my current fitness, and then completely blew up after a kilometre. What followed were three sluggish ones before finally getting my ass into gear to finish strong, simply because I realised I could still scrape under 25mins. Turns out my maths was off and I would have been fine, but it was a hilarious experience nonetheless.
[5km, 23:53, 4:50/km, 170bpm]


Expected: (nothing)
Actual: Having spent all of Saturday cooking a Christmas dinner with my friends, I needed a good sleep-in. Had enough time before meeting some visiting family to get in an hour’s run, and so went exploring around my area. Found a hill, felt I liked it so turned around and ran up it again. Then after some more inclines I switched over to a nearby park and got my shoes muddy on the ‘trails’. Starting to feel more like my running self and like the marathon is behind me.
[10km, 56:01, 5:36/km, 158bpm]

Total kilometres: 39.3km 

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