Training: 27 Aug – 2 Sept

It’s amazing how much time I had in my week again, just because my French class was closed for a holiday break! Those two extra evenings made all the difference – I could chill out and do my runs and generally veg-out a bit. In terms of training, I ran every day of this week, which included 2 races and then a whole bunch of easy running. Pleased with some good results, and feeling more positive about my training to date (even if threshold sessions still aren’t working).



Expected:10min WU, then 5, 7, 9, 7, 5min @ threshold off 2min recovery, 10min CD
Actual: Hurmph. I just can’t get this threshold right. I did the 5mins & 7mins (feeling like they could have been too quick), but then stopped at 5mins during the 9min, ran another 3mins, then 3.5mins only of the 7mins and skipped the 5mins completely. (Got that? ?) And then it turned out that the speed hadn’t actually been fast at all, so I didn’t even have that as an excuse as to why I couldn’t finish the set. Something ain’t working here…
[10km, 54:49, 5:29/km, 153bpm]


Expected: 30min recovery run + 20min conditioning
Actual: Surprisingly sweaty conditioning session to kick off the day, then made the most of my non-class evening by taking a long run-commute home. I don’t have to think during easy runs, especially run-commutes, which is really nice. Got all my French medical certificates (so that I can participate in races) sorted for the next year too, so yay!
[11km, 1:03:16, 5:45/km, 152bpm]


Expected: 30min easy run
Actual: Bit of a frustrating work day, and the evening run helped. Kept it short because I didn’t know what awaited me at the race the next morning!
[6.5km, 37:56, 5:49/km, 147bpm]


Expected: Secret Race Series
Actual: Up at 5am to start racing at 6:30, through the streets of Paris before most people woke up. Tough little hit-out with a big hill to finish, lost my position in first female just before halfway but held on for second, which won me a t-shirt. Overall though a really cool race-concept and a great way to kick off the day.
[4.1km, 20:00, 4:51/km, 172bpm]


Expected: 45min easy run
Actual: Started out feeling a bit stiff thanks to racing the day before, but by the end of this run everything was moving smoothly again. Then spent the afternoon in heels for my bosses wedding, which were ouch ouch ouch but the ceremony was lovely so I put up with the pain! (Will be a long time before I wear them again though…)
[8.5km, 49:10, 5:47/km, 148bpm]


Expected: 30min easy run
Actual: Back volunteering at Bois de Boulogne parkrun – my 24th volunteer, so close to getting my 25-volunteer t-shirt! Cycled there and back, and then later did a little half-hour shake-out run ahead of the race on Sunday. Sye was doing a long run so I ran the first ~15mins with him, then turned around back home again. Not a very exciting route, but got the job done.
[5.6km, 31:32, 5:34/km, 147bpm]


Expected: QRBC 20km trail race
Actual: I really wanted to run a solid race, and properly race as opposed to taking my time in the forest. With ~500m of elevation I knew this would be difficult & slower than normal, so set a target of running sub-2hours. Based on past results I knew this would likely land me in the top-10 women, so that was my goal part 2. Raced hard from the start, went with my energies, hiked as hard as possible up the hills and came away with both goals in hand! Full recap to come in the next few days.
[20.1km, 1:56:22, 5:47/km, 165bpm]

Total kilometres: 65.8km

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