Training: 27 Feb – 5 March

Low kilometres this week out of recovery from Cambridge and looking ahead to Barcelona Marathon next weekend. It finished as a good week though, the runs I did do were solid, and I’ve finally managed to get a grip on my nutrition. New month, it’s looking up.

Monday – Rest

Legs weren’t feeling too bad, but my mind was battling with dealing with the marathon on the weekend and understanding how I found it so tough in the last hour. Emotionally low and drained.

Tuesday – Swim

Another running rest day, but did go for 1.2km in the pool as recovery for the mind and body. 200m WU, then alternating 200m pull buoy, 200m freestyle x2, 200m CD. Gentle, soothing and helped get things mentally back into place.

Wednesday – Easy run

Was pleased to find that my legs were happy to run again, and my mind was enjoying it too.. Did 30 minutes around Victoria Park in the morning at an easy pace. Starting to put Cambridge behind me and look forward to Barcelona as a chance to run (part) at marathon pace.

Thursday – Progression run + massage

Lunchtime 15-15-15 progression run around Hyde Park starting at a very slow pace. I hid my watch to avoid the km splits and instead just tried to feel in my body where very easy, easy and medium felt. As it turned out, it was a perfect progression with every kilometre, so was clearly feeling better and better as the run went along. By the end I was flying along with a massive smile on my face, it was brilliant.

Also had my first sports massage in a long time, where the lady at Six Physio pressed and kneaded my legs for an hour. There were lots of very ouchie spots, especially when she pressed hard on my right quad and left calf, but I’m hoping it’s all for the greater good.

Friday – Boxing class

I think I’ve given up on Kayla for the time being, but I still want to make the most of my gym membership, so I went along to a boxing class. It was not very intense, and as the half hour ended I felt we were just getting started but oh well. Mixes it up a bit.

Saturday – parkrun

Yay for more tourism! Went down to Wimbledon Common for this week, and thankfully read the note on their website saying “it can get muddy, trail shoes are advised” because HOLY MOLY it was muddy! Talking to some of the absolutely lovely people there, they all said that this was possibly the worst it had ever been, so well done me on timing. The course is 2-and-a-bit laps, all off-road. At first I picked my way around the mud (while still trying to run hard), but eventually there was no option but to charge straight through the puddles and squelch. Felt my energy levels drop heading into the second lap but after stepping off the gas a bit they picked back up to finish in 23:28 – pretty happy with that on a tough course. The cheerleading skirt & shorts combo also got its first test run, with decent success.

The back was worse!

Sunday – Easy run

It was strange not to run long on a Sunday, but as Coach Justin said “you’re not getting any fitter this week”, so a little 45min jog was all that was on the cards to keep me sane. Ran the first half with Sye and then picked up the pace a little for the last four km. Strange weather though, started off blustery and raining and 15mins in was sunny and warm… silly England.

Total kilometres: 26.5km

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