Training: 28 Aug – 3 Sept

I was struggling a lot with my mojo this week. Last week’s training left me feeling severely unmotivated, and with Sye away in Spain on a boys trip all week I was feeling a bit lonely. Thankfully though I found a way to pack my weekend full of activities, and things are starting to look up. Still, I don’t think I’ve quite found that same drive to keep pushing towards Amsterdam as I did at the beginning of August, but with six-weeks to go I had better get on that!

Monday: Thames Turbo Tri

I signed up for this race to help my friend Heidi with her first triathlon, and ended up setting a new PB! That’s something like the fourth PB in two months – I feel like I’m sounding like a broken record. It was a great morning, and I felt strong throughout (despite the 3:55am wake up + 20km cycle to get to the race). Afterwards though wanted to do absolutely nothing with the rest of my Bank Holiday Monday than eat and lie on my bed watching Orange Is The New Black…

Tuesday: Strength (lower) + Track

Added 5kg to my deadlifts and then spent the next few days paying for it in DOMS. So painful, but hopefully also a sign that I’m starting to use some neglected muscles.

Our usual run-leaders for track were away in Chamonix to run UTMB, so I stepped in to help lead the session and pace Group 3. The set was a pyramid of 200m, 400m, 800, 1200m, 1200m, 800m, 400m, 200m all run at the same pace of 1:45/400m. The group came away with smiles on their sweaty faces, and I left with the desire to step back up to Group 2. Next week – it’s happening.

Wednesday: Easy run-commute x2

Fitting in some more distance by run-commuting. Realised I’d never run home from work to Clapham before, so that was something new at least. Pleased too that the evening run was faster than the morning despite a heavier bag due to stopping off for groceries along the way.

Thursday: Yoga + Tempo run

Why can’t I deal with early mornings any more? I used to be much better at getting up early and feeling awake, but now even 8am is a struggle. During yoga class this morning I wanted to yell at the instructor to slow down because everything was just going too quickly for my pre-coffee brain.

Later when I got home from work I nearly quit on my planned tempo run. I had pretty much decided that I wasn’t going to make it out – until I realised that I had run 299km for August and it would be rude to leave August so close to the 300km mark. I also pulled a lot of inspiration from my friends who were running the OCC race at UTMB (around Mont Blanc in France/Switzerland) in the pouring rain and crazy inclines. What was a little 9mile run in comparison to what they were going through?

I’m so glad I went out because I really enjoyed the run, and felt so much better afterwards. It was easy to hit and maintain the sub-5:00/km pace I wanted, and the run didn’t even feel long. For a change I had taken music along and had to repeat my playlist because I ran out of songs, but the great tunes also had an impact on my mood!

Wearing my Advent Running tee in honour of my UTMB friends

Friday: Run + Strength (upper)

5:15am alarm and I just turned it off and rolled over for some more sleep. Then of course spent the rest of the day feeling guilty that I hadn’t got up and gone alone for the Adidas runners session, but this morning my inner chimp won. Grr. Made up for it in the evening by getting in a good upper-body session at the gym. With Sye away, it was my version of a date night (with a dumbbell) ❤️💪🏋️‍♀️

Saturday: Long run (in parts) including parkrun

Rather than do one big long run (which I was not feeling keen on), I decided to combine running with another favourite activity: eating out! Covered 28km of running between 9am and 3pm but in little chunks.

Part 1: Hampstead Heath parkrun with friends Cat and Jo, followed by coffee & chatting for a long time (5km)
Part 2: To Camden Market for some food via a jog up Primrose Hill. Always a toughie but great views from the top! (4.3km)

Part 3: Continued eastwards along the canal, finishing with a loop of Victoria Park & another coffee at the Pavillion Cafe. Very pleased that my stomach gave me zero issues even though I ran straight after eating! This part did feel long though. (11km)
Part 4: Little loop of Victoria Park and down to Mile End station. Felt a bit faint towards the end so stopped at a Co-op for some snacks (2.9km)
Part 5: After tube to Tower Hill ran along the Embankment and up to Leicester Square for a screening of Skid Row Marathon! Great inspirational film about homeless people of LA using running to overcome issues of addiction. (4.8km)

Sunday: Hampstead Heath Pondathlon

Friends who did this race last year said it was a highlight race, so when the opportunity came up last-minute to participate I had to jump at it! The concept of the event is that you swim in each of the four bodies of water at Hampstead Heath (Lido, Men’s Pond, Ladies’ Pond, Mixed Pond), and run in between each. This meant lots of getting in-and-out of soggy shoes, but it was a blast! My race was mostly spent battling with a chicken… (but more on that to come!)

My friend Simon finishing a lap of the Lido

Total kilometres: 77.3km

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