Training: 28 May – 3 June

Once again it was a marathon weekend, and therefore still not proper training. I’m really quite sick of this taper/recover cycle, so it’s a great thing that I don’t have any more marathons coming up for a few months!! Looking forward to getting stuck into achieving some goals again. However, I did have a great time at the marathon, plus our weekend away in Stockholm was just sublime ✨



Expected: 20-30min conditioning
Actual: Finally it’s back to the gym! Making a conscious effort to try and go twice a week from now on. Unfortunately I didn’t have a whole lot of time before work (because I still really love my sleep), but I managed ~40min of lower body strength-work plus some core. Was hoping to do a run with Emilie Forsberg in the evening, but it was cancelled and then there was a thunderstorm, so no running.


Expected: 10min WU, 2x9min @ threshold off 120sec, 10min CD
Actual: Missed doing this in the morning, so instead decided to roll it into my first run-commute home from my Paris office. It was hot and muggy, and really awkward trying to run fast along cobblestones. I managed the first 9min alright by coaxing myself through all the minutes, but had to split the second 9min into three sections. The paces for each were approximately equal, but it felt a lot tougher.
[10km, 53:54, 5:23/km, 163bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Another morning gym-session, this time upper body. Won’t do another one before the marathon in hope that all the muscle-aches fade by then.


Expected: 30min easy with 4x1min @ 90sec off 60sec
Actual: Just like last Sunday, these 1min reps went really well! I can give them quite a bit and yet the recovery is sufficient to go again a minute later. Felt like I could have done more than just the four. Reps were (in pace/km): 3:53, 4:05, 3:54, 3:51. Afterwards cycled to work and only got lost a few times…
[5.4km, 30:23, 5:37/km, 159bpm]


Expected: 20min easy run + strides
Actual: I convinced Sye to come with me to Stockholm as a way to celebrate our two-year anniversary ❤ which was today. He joined me for a shake-out/exploratory run of the area near our AirBnB, which turned out to be 2mins away from the water, a big park, and a path running along the water’s edge! It was a bit hilly and quite hot, but a gorgeous area of town. Afterwards we tried Swedish beer, ate Swedish food (including herring) and listened to a live jazz band – fun!
[5.3km, 31:23, 5:53/km, 151bpm]


Expected: Stockholm Marathon
Actual: With temperatures predicted to be anywhere between 28-31 degrees, this race was all about taking it slow and managing the heat as best as possible – and I did! The whole time I was telling myself ‘nothing is worth pushing it today’, because I didn’t want a repeat of London (or Paris, Copenhagen, etc.). Instead, I ran easy-easy, stuck to the shade, and just ran from aid-station to aid-station. That meant I was rarely running for more than ~3km at a time before I could stop, have a drink and douse my head with water. It worked a treat because I still had energy and was running in the last few kilometres! And along the way I just had a fabulous time running through the city of Stockholm, it was a great marathon. (More details to come soon)
[42.4km, 4:17:11, 6:04/km, 160bpm]


Expected: Rest day, stretch & foam-roller
Actual: Did a walking tour of Stockholm and then headed back to Paris. I really didn’t want to go home 🙁

Three good things for this week

  1. Managing the heat of Stockholm properly, and not dying in the last third of the marathon. Finally listening to and learning from my past experiences 😅
  2. A new & improved attitude towards marathon running. For once, it wasn’t this ‘big thing’ – instead I could enjoy my night beforehand with Sye, and even send him off sight-seeing during the race. Best of all, I truly didn’t care what time I finished it in!
  3. Getting up and going to the gym twice during the week, long may it continue.

Three things to improve on

  1. Let’s get back to training! I’d like to get my kilometres up again, and add some more cross-training into the mix too
  2. Starting to include more cycle-commuting into my week, and finding a good route to follow for that.
  3. I’ve noticed I used exclamation marks a lot in my writing. I’m just so excited! All! The! Time!! Probably could do with a few less.
Total kilometres: 63.1km

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