Training: 29 Jan – 4 Feb

After a massive January I started February by… taking two days off. Eek I was so tired that I really needed the time off to recover. That meant that I didn’t managed to run the 100km I had hoped to get through in the week, but it’s more important to listen to my body. I’ve still got plenty of time before the races, so one extra day of rest isn’t going to hurt. (Look at me being all mature!)



Expected: Gym induction + Easy run of ~12km
Actual: Had to be at school for a cheese-tasting 😱🧀😍 at lunch so did my first run-commutes there and back to get in the days kilometres. Not a terribly inspiring or challenging route, but it got the job done. And the cheese was yum.
[6.4km, 34:56, 5:27/km, 148bpm + 5km, 28:25, 5:40/km, 148bpm]


Expected: Stretching class + Adidas Runners Odéon 15km @ 5:30
Actual: Messed up the day of the stretching class at the new gym so did it at home instead. After class I went along to Adidas Runners and had a fantastic time on the running, chatting away with people & having fun poked at me for a) talking too much, b) being too happy and c) making people stop for photos in front of all the great landmarks. Was meant to be 5:30/km pace but the group ran much faster than that and I happily obliged 😀
[15.6km, 1:19:29, 5:05/km, 157bpm]


Expected: Strength (upper) + 5x1km intervals w/ 400m jog, plus 2km WU & 2km CD
Actual: The first session at a new gym is never great, I faffed around a lot. Bossed the intervals though at a nearby track! Aimed for 4:10 per rep and came in at: 4:06, 4:12, 4:08, 4:11, 4:05. It wasn’t great conditions given that I had to jump a puddle each lap, it started raining and there was a nasty headwind on half of the track.
[11.2km, 56:04, 5:01/km, 157bpm]


Expected: Strength (lower) + 90min trail run
Actual: Was so tired in the morning that I skipped the strength session for an extra lie in. Probably should have skipped the run too but instead dragged myself out to the woods and got lost for a while. From 4km I realised it was futile but held out for another 6km before heading home. Incredibly slow and very hilly, I didn’t enjoy it as much as normal.
[10.2km, 1:11:15, 6:59/km, 137bpm]


Expected: 11km tempo run, plus 2km WU & 2km CD
Actual: Rest day. Had an internal conflict when I realised I wouldn’t hit my week’s goals, but it was the right choice.


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Spent rest day #2 exploring the medieval city of Provins, which has buildings from the 12th century!


Expected: 3hr long run
Actual: Grumpy and a little scared about the length of this run prior to setting off, but Sye joined me for the first few kilometres and after that it just flowed beautifully. Headed west along the Seine to the other major park in Paris, the Bois de Vincennes, spent an hour there and then started to come back. Ran some of my faster kilometres at the end, and didn’t feel like death!
[33.3km, 3:04:20, 5:32/km, 149bpm]

Three good things for this week

  1. Listening to my body and taking the rest days it needed, kilometres be damned
  2. Spending less time worrying about how much food I’m eating day-to-day. It seems that I’m running enough that it’s normal to be constantly grazing
  3. Fuelling the 3hr long run only on breakfast and a banana at the 2hr mark, probably because of ^. Definitely learning a lot about how much fuel my body needs

Three things to improve on

  1. Taking a running-rest day each week to help my body & mind reset. I skipped last week’s and it’s probably one reason I needed an extra one this week.
  2. A more focused effort at the gym, including creating a training program which works for me.
  3. I really need new/different shoes soon. My long-run shoes are wearing thin
Total kilometres: 81.7km, 1063m elevation

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