Training: 29 Oct – 4 Nov

I do believe we shall name this week ‘that time Julia became obsessed with Body Pump’. Including the session I went to the previous Sunday, I ended up doing 3 classes in 5 days 😱 and really loved it! Still not running a whole lot, but I did get to race my 0.2 marathon at the Ekiden de Paris on the weekend and successfully hit double-digit kilometres. Biggest thing though: MY LEG STOPPED HURTING HUZZAH!



Expected: 20-30mins conditioning
Actual: Sye returned from a month in Australia! Is lovely to have him back, and we went for a little walk together. Somehow in the afternoon realised my leg had stopped aching, so the world is all good again.


Expected: Swim & stretch
Actual: Figured I’d just switch the days around a little and went to a Body Pump class to make up for the day before. The teacher was super energetic, and I loved the vibe. Selected better weights this time, although did get stuck with some really heavy ones for an arm exercise – they’re going to ache. Most interestingly, I discovered that a Body Pump is always the same routine for three months, which I hadn’t realised. This could get boring, but I see it as an opportunity to improve over time.


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Went to the pool early in the morning only to discover they were closed due to ‘a little technical problem’. Damnit! Trudged home again and flopped back into bed.


Expected: 30min conditioning work
Actual: Was green-lighted to go for a run, and I was SO HAPPY to do so! It was a public holiday and Sye wanted to do a decent run, so I set off with him and the intention of running ~30mins or so. Felt so good that I never turned around 😄 Very pleased to discover that I haven’t lost my fitness after a few weeks of less running. Another Body Pump class in the evening, don’t like this instructor as much.
[10.4km, 1:00:02, 5:45/km, 154bpm]


Expected: 60mins brisk walk
Actual: Little bit of core in the AM as there was none in the class the night before, then used my commute for the walk. My feet hurt a bit towards the end, but I beat Google’s predicted time by 15mins 😛


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Lots of Fulham Running Club runners at parkrun today, including a few familiar faces from the sessions I ran with them in 2017. Took it easy and chatted my way around, accidentally helping my friend Laurent to a ~1min PB along the way.
[5km, 27:06, 5:27/km, 159bpm]


Expected: Ekiden de Paris, 10km section
Actual: Had a total blast running with my team of runners in this marathon relay. Removed all expectations and avoided looking at my watch, then grinned my way around the course. Very happy with the result, especially given the past few weeks, but it was my team who made my day. They all wore tutus! Brilliant fun.
[10km, 45:48, 4:36/km, 179bpm]

Total kilometres: 25.4km

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