Training: 3-9 Dec

First week back into training for the next cycle – Boston Marathon! I’m so excited to be back working on my running again, I enjoyed the offseason (eventually), but it’s nice to be putting in the effort towards my next big race. I’m determined to stick to the plan as much as possible, as I really want to achieve great things come April. It wasn’t smooth sailing this first week, as I also flew out to Australia for my Christmas holiday back home, and that brought with it a lot of stress and last-minute social events. Advent Running continues strong too – I’m not running every day but at least making an effort to do something, even if that means a bit of yoga at Doha Airport!



Expected: 30 min easy run
Actual: Bit of morning yoga and then ran home from work. Took a detour past the Notre Dame – it’s getting all festive!
[8km, 47:02, 5:51/km, 142bpm]


Expected: 15mins easy, 15mins steady, 15mins easy
Actual: Went to an 8am Body Pump class at the gym which was revolutionary because there were so few people there! Totally messed up my timing in the evening though and only had a few minutes spare to run… so just about squeezed in the steady section of the planned run. It would have to do.
[4.3km, 21:43, 5:00/km, 145bpm]


Expected: 30mins cross-training
Actual: Did a half-hour on the indoor bike at the gym – jeeeeezus that left me a mad sweaty mess! Had forgotten just how difficult cycling is…


Expected: 10min WU, then 10 x 1min @ 90%, 1min easy, 10min CD
Actual: Stressful day packing and getting the last things sorted for our trip home. Just about managed to fit in my run in the afternoon, with decent success on the 1min reps. The last three got hard, but overall the pace-per-rep was ~4:00/km (fastest 3:48/km, slowest 4:13/km), so I’m happy with that.
[8.3km, 45:01, 5:26/km, 160bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: This day was lost to time-zone changes, but I got in a bit of tired yoga in the waiting area at Doha Airport on our stopover.


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Arrived in Sydney! I always like to do a shake-out run after the 24hour flight, also as a way to start the acclimatisation process. It’s hot here, plus there are lots of hills where my parents live which I’m not used to! Stopped for a nice dip in the ocean though before heading back up the big hill home.
[5.4km, 30:02, 5:34/km, 161bpm + 1.1km, 7:08, 6:32/km, 176bpm]


Expected: 75min easy long run
Actual: Well… easy is a bit of a stretch. Took Sye for a trail-run I last did a few years ago, and I’d definitely forgotten how it basically spends the whole time ascending and descending the cliffs… 450m elevation gain in just 9km, no wonder it was so slow! Glorious views though ?
[9.1km, 1:22:28, 9:05/km, 159bpm]

Total kilometres: 36.2km 

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