Training: 3-9 Sept

Bit of an easier week in terms of kilometres, but still some solid sessions in there. After having a conversation with Coach Ben about how threshold hadn’t been going well and ‘maybe we could stop it for a bit’ (he said no), this week it kinda came together! I also got to run parkrun again, which was hard but fun, and I think I’ve definitely got a bit more in me.



Expected: 30min recovery run + 20min conditioning
Actual: Body wasn’t a fan of 500m+ elevation gain on little training, and has cursed me with shin splints. Skipped the conditioning and kept the run-commute home as short as possible, with a stop to pick up a baguette ??. Shins didn’t actually hurt while running, just all the rest of the time.
[6.5km, 37:56, 5:50/km, 138bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Very very tired, think I drank two coffees to keep my eyes open…


Expected: 10min WU, then 6x 4mins @ threshold off 90sec recovery, 10min CD
Actual: Rather than let me off the threshold hook, Ben gave me a pacing plan to stick to for these intervals. Today the aim was to stick to ~4:30/km pace, and make sure I wasn’t going too hard. My watch played up a bit with the live pace, but I felt much more in control & got it done! Ran it on an out&back stretch until I got kicked out of the park, and interestingly the ‘back’ was always harder than the ‘out’. Reps: 4:32/km, 4:33/km, 4:23/km, 4:26/km, 4:23/km, 4:26/km per 4mins.
[10km, 53:01, 5:18/km, 158bpm]


Expected: 45min easy run
Actual: Did the conditioning from Monday with weights added, finally back at the gym after two weeks. Been neglecting it sorely! Squeezed the run in before French class, thankfully managing to save it before my watch died from low battery. Phew!
[9.3km, 53:39, 5:46/km, 141bpm]


Expected: 20mins easy + strides
Actual: Very very slow run with 5x 30sec strides (building up in speed). Wore my Garmin 225 and Sye’s Gamin 235 to see if the live pace feature was more accurate on his. Verdict: yes. Might be time to upgrade from my 2015 model…
[5km, 30:00, 5:54/km, 148bpm]


Expected: parkrun
Actual: Spent the few minutes before the start whispering to myself “don’t go out too hard, don’t go out too hard, don’t go out too hard”. Succeeded in not going out too hard (by feel), and then also didn’t completely give up on the hills like I normally do. First km was still 4:01/km, but ended up finishing in 21:23 on my watch (21:14 official, not sure where those 9sec went). Annoyingly got overtaken with 400m to go and didn’t cover the other girl’s move… literally just stared in shock rather than chasing after her! Damnit. Next time
[5km, 21:23, 4:20/km, 168bpm + 1.6km (cooldown), 10:38, 6:29/km, 150bpm]


Expected: 120min long run with the middle 80mins @ MP
Actual: Really pleased with how the MP section felt, smooth and in control and honestly like I could possibly even just maybe keep it going for a whole marathon? Yes, that’s what MP should be but I’m never quite sure. Unfortunately due to some personal things going on at the moment I had to stop after 15mins and so never got the chance to find out if I could sustain it for 80mins, but there’s always next time.
[12km, 1:07:16, 5:36/km, 145bpm]

Total kilometres: 49.4km

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