Training: 30 April – 6 May

The best thing to do after four weekends of marathoning is to rest. The next best thing is to race a 10km… right? Well, that’s what happened this week: lots of rest plus a race. I also started back at work, bringing my five month ‘sabbatical’ to an end, and it definitely took me a few days to adjust.



Expected: Rest day
Actual: My left hip/outer glute was aching after Hamburg Marathon and my legs were pretty sore too, so did some stretching and walking to help ease it. I flew back to Paris in the afternoon but had a great time wandering around Hamburg before my flight.


Expected: 30min easy cross-training
Actual: Public holiday in France meant that the gym was closed (for some reason I had my heart set on 30min on the cross-trainer), so this session got moved to tomorrow.


Expected: Rest day
Actual: After my first day back at work I was pretty grittly (annoyed, caged-in, etc.) but those 30min on the cross-trainer fixed me up. Did it as a progression effort and it wasn’t nearly as boring as I expected it to be once I put in some tunes.


Expected: 20-30min strength & conditioning
Actual: Devised a little circuit which I did after work again. I’m not yet ready to exercise in the AM, I like my lazy mornings too much!


Expected: Rest day
Actual: WOAH, haven’t run all week so far! But look how pretty the area around my new work is in the ☀ 🙂


Expected: 20mins easy + strides
Actual: Sun’s out, shorts on for this run! Made the most of my commute to parkrun to fit in this effort, which probably wasn’t as easy as it could have been (oops). Did my strides whenever there was a suitable section of road to go along. At parkrun I got a volunteer promotion to co-run director/timekeeper and although it didn’t go perfectly (oops again), it was still a lot of fun.
[4.4km, 22:49, 5:10/km, 172bpm]


Expected: 10km du Bois de Boulogne
Actual: I got a free bib for this race thanks to my Adidas Runners Odéon team, because I said I would run fast and therefore win points for us. Well I was a bit optimistic when I said I’d run sub-45 after four marathons, but honestly my 46:36 finishing time is pretty good given everything! The race was a struggle – I went out too fast and had nowhere to pick it up to, and instead got gradually slower and slower the more the race went on and the more hills they threw in our path. Damnit! However, found some energy for a fast last kilometre and overall I’m happy 😄
[9.9km, 46:46, 4:43/km, 178bpm]

Three good things for this week

  1. NOT GIVING UP during the race, even though oh jeez I really wanted to!
  2. All the sunshine and glory that is Paris at the moment, it’s truly a dream!
  3. Getting a volunteer promotion at parkrun. I hope I can do it again and eventually be Run Director all by myself (although I still have a lot to learn)

Three things to improve on

  1. I’m going to put ‘weekly kilometres’ here because these really do need to build up again, even though it was important to cut down and rest for this week.
  2. On the weekend I picked up a weird-ass allergic reaction or something, and I sure hope that improves quickly
  3. My strength and conditioning has dropped from two 1-hour sessions a week to a little bit every now and then. I’d like to build that up again because feeling strong is ace.
Total kilometres: 14.2km, 128m+

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