Training 30 Jan – 5 Feb

Good week. Solid week. Not the fastest, but it felt like things started to come together more than they have in the past month. I feel like I’m committing more to my training and nutrition, and it’s starting to slowly pay off.

Monday – Gym

Kayla workouts repeat themselves every two weeks, so tonight was back to the very first Legs & Cardio session again. The gym was pumping with loud music & lots of classes going on, so I felt pretty energetic and blasted through the workout. I also met another girl doing the same Kayla session as me, because I recognised the moves she was doing! We had a nice chat in one of my 1-minute breaks between sets.

Tuesday – Gym and Track

Still haven’t learned not to go to the gym on a consecutive evening + morning because this morning was pain! Even a medicine ball squat and press (which I can normally do easily) felt hard.

Track session for this week was a 5km Time Trial. I thought this would be a great opportunity to try and run a sub-20min 5km, but it didn’t quite work out that way. Firstly, my lap-time maths went out the window after two laps, and then after 2km at pace, my accidental pacers realised they were going too slow & shot off. With this I fell apart, and at 2.3km really wanted to throw in the towel.

But I didn’t! The guilt I knew that would come from giving up somehow spurred me around the second half of the run, and although I slipped back to finish in 21:03, I’m incredibly proud of pulling my brain together and pushing through the pain.

Wednesday – Easy run and Run + Yoga

May have pushed my work run club buddy a bit hard today because I was feeling good & so the pace increased. Poor guy! After a lap he went off for lunch & I ran another easy lap alone around Hyde Park for 8.2km.

I had signed up for a women’s yoga session at the new Adidas Runners studio in Brick Lane. Turns out there was a 4km interval run before the yoga, but I jogged the speedy bits to conserve energy for tomorrow. Unfortunately the yoga was only 20mins and felt quite rushed, but I did get a new t-shirt!

Thursday – Speed run

After my slew of awful Thursday mornings, I finally finished this speed session! Sure, it wasn’t glamorous and I had to stop a lot of times, but instead of giving up and jogging home I kept going. The set was 5 x 3mins fast (5km pace) + 3mins easy, and I ran:

Rep 1: 690m
Rep 2: 700m
Rep 3: 730m
Rep 4: 690m
Rep 5: 640m (eek)

Not happy with my pacing abilities, as it didn’t feel like 5km pace at all, more like ‘sprint for as long as possible’. This is really something to work on.

Was meant to go to the gym in the evening, but my friend offered me last minute tickets to the Harry Potter play OMG! I’ve wanted to go for so long but never managed to get tickets! The magic was so amazing – highly recommended that everyone go see it for sure #keepthesecrets

Friday – Rest!

Was so tired, I really needed this one.

Saturday – parkrun

Next up on my London parkrun tourism was Burgess parkrun with my friend Jess, who has run over 80 parkruns there! It was a bit rainy and miserable, but we had a lovely time running the modified course and chatting with one another. Jess has plans to run the length of the Thames over the course of a week later in the year, and I can’t wait to see her achieve that dream! The time just flew by I was enjoying myself so much.

Sunday – Easy run + CRUK Winter Run

My long run today was two 10kms, the first easy and the second the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run. I felt really strong and am super happy with my time of 46:30 for a non-race. It was great to end a solid week with a great run 💪

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