Training: 30 Oct – 5 Nov

I put in a solid week’s training this week, and felt satisfied with the distances and paces I was hitting. Unfortunately that didn’t carry through to the marathon on the weekend, but I’m hoping it shows more and better things to come. My focus at the moment is on building a solid ‘base’ ahead of 2018, which involves more kilometres but less speedwork. The 30burpees30days challenge continues too!

Monday: Strength (lower) + Run

It’s so dark after work now that although Hyde Park was still open, I didn’t feel comfortable running my normal loop through it, and instead had to run around the perimeter. The long sides were well lit and let me run a bit faster, but I slowed on the short sides to avoid tripping over. Definitely in need of getting a good headtorch.

Tuesday: Run with Jennifer

I first met Jennifer (@the_half_pint_) at the Amsterdam Marathon expo a few weeks ago. She lives not too far from me, and so we met up in the evening to go for a run around Wandsworth and Clapham Commons. I’m awful in that I always stick to the same routes, so it was great that she took me on a little tour of the area along new streets. It was great just to chat and have a nice run together before I peeled off to head home.

Wednesday: Strength (upper) + Half/half run

Went to a meeting in Southbank in my running gear (oops ?) so that I could fit in a run on the way home. I was aiming to get to Battersea Park at the same time as Sye so that we could do a loop together, but ended up getting completely lost in a construction site! Eventually found my way out to him (waiting patiently), but I was incredibly hungry and probably hadn’t eaten enough that day, so we didn’t do much before heading home to food.

Thursday: Yoga + Tempo run

Getting to morning yoga is a struggle but always worth it for the calm zen feeling at the end. I’ll miss not having this class in my week when I leave London.

Revisited my marathon-training tempo run route along the Thames, although a little shorter at 4mi (2mi out, 2mi back, plus 1mi warm up & 1mi cool down). When you’re running at speed the sections do fly by, and I was treated to some gorgeous views of Albert Bridge all lit up too ❤️

Friday: Core

Didn’t quite make it to the gym this morning, but rather than giving up on the strength work entirely I did a core set at home. 3 rounds of 6 moves, with 15 burpees between the sets. My core was on fire after the first round, and it took a lot of effort to grind out the first set of burpees. But thankfully it didn’t get any worse and could complete the remaining sets.

Saturday: Shakeout run

Flew out to Nice in the morning, and treated myself to a sightseeing-shakeout run along the promenade after picking up my bib. It felt like I spent more time taking photos than actually running: it was so beautiful! After 20min I found an interesting park I wanted to explore so gave up on the running bit and just continued with the sightseeing ?


Sunday: Nice-Cannes Marathon

This didn’t go to plan. I wanted to run a solid sub-3:45 to close out the year but fell apart mentally at halfway. I tried to pull it together again but then got hit by stitches on both sides of my stomach and had to shuffle to the end. Eek. More words soon.


Total kilometres: 84km

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