Training: 4-10 June

Yes yes, Stockholm Marathon was only a week ago (what?!), but I felt like I finally got stuck into some training again this week. My body recovered fine after the run, and all I wanted to do was get stuck back into it all. Had a great chat with my coach about “what’s next”, and I’m really excited to work on my speed over shorter distances for the next while. The first test for that was a benchmark race at the Adidas 10k Paris, which went pretty badly, but everyone’s got to start somewhere, right?



Expected: 20-30min conditioning
Actual: After work gym session and man it was crowded! When I went to do some box jumps and lunges there were classes going on in every single room, and I got relegated to this tiny piece of floor in the basement…


Expected: Rest
Actual: Given that the Adidas 10k was on Sunday, I figured I should probably show my face at an Adidas Odéon session again. Was meant to be 10km at 6:00/km, previewing the race course, but it ended up being longer and faster than that oops.
[11.4km, 1:04:55, 5:42/km, 147bpm]


Expected: 40min easy cross-training
Actual: It was raining and I was tired/had plans so this got switched for a rest day. Was sad to miss Global Running Day though.


Expected: Rest
Actual: Morning gym session (2x this week 💪) and then did a little 30min easy run in the evening after cycling home. Really can’t remember much at all about the run other than I listened to a podcast and got sweaty. During the day though I discovered golden lattes and ermagerd they’re my new fave I’m addicted.
[5.2km, 30:09, 5:44/km]


Expected: 10min WU, 3x6min @ threshold off 90sec, 10min CD
Actual: I DID THIS! Highlight session of the week and damn I was proud! Left it until after work which at first I was a bit annoyed at myself about, because it didn’t feel like the weekend had started, but I think this actually worked in my favour. Found a perfect 6min loop (with a few hills), and felt pretty good for the first two reps. On the third I really had to count down the minutes, but BOOM did it! First long successful interval session in a while YAY! Reps: 4:35/km, 4:27/km, 4:26/km.
[9.6km, 51:36, 5:22/km, 165bpm]


Expected: 40min easy cross-training
Actual: With the 2km open water swim coming up next weekend, I’m trying to cram in some swim training. Went to a local 50m pool after parkrun volunteering, and was pleased to (re)discover that swimming laps in a longer pool doesn’t actually feel as long, because you’ve had to do less turning. 200m WU, then a continuous kilometre, 200m with pull buoy and 200m CD. Later realised that I left my pull buoy there… here’s hoping they keep it for me *fingers crossed*


Expected: Adidas 10k Paris
Actual: Herm. Yeah – not my finest race at all. On the whole I think I just didn’t care – and so when it started to get tougher I just didn’t bother to fight. There were a bunch of silly hills in the last 3km too, which is just not cool. Fairly disappointed with the result as I was hoping to at least come close to my 10k time from May, but it wasn’t to be. Lots of work to come.
[10km, 47:49, 4:46/km, 182bpm]

Total kilometres: 36.2km running, 2.8km swimming

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