Training: 4-10 Sept

Hit a real low this week, which needed some deep introspection and then a few days off to recover. That happened to coincide with a weekend away with some friends for the Medoc Marathon, which was the perfect way to unwind (and get very drunk!).

Monday: Strength (lower) + easy run

After a week away Sye finally returned home! Wanted to cook a nice dinner for him so kept my run fairly short so that I had enough time. Of course, his plane was delayed and I ended up eating alone…

Tuesday: Run-commute + Track

Mile End stadium is currently undergoing refurbishment, so I opted to train with the Clapham Chasers at the Millennium Arena in Battersea Park instead. Conveniently, it’s located on my run-commute home so I could use the run as a warm-up before the session. The Chasers run in 5 groups, and I optimistically started with Group 3 (20-21min/5km pace) but was dropping off the back of them after two reps, so changed to Group 4 where I was running the same pace, just with other people. The set was 5x1km, of which I managed 3 at ~4:05, missed 400m of the 4th rep, and finished the last in ~4:15. Not bad for trying to step up the pace.

Wednesday: Strength (upper) + Swim

Increased the weight on my dumbbell exercises at the gym in the morning, which made me feel like a boss (and quite ouchy). At work, everything descended into a cloud of stress and I was getting really pissed off and frustrated at everyone around me. Sorry! To calm down I managed to fit in a little 20min swim which did total wonders. I have no idea how far I swum, but it felt strong and like my strength work is helping my arms pull through the water.

Thursday: Yoga/Stretching + Abandoned tempo run

Yoga at work was cancelled, so did a 20min session by myself at home before stretching and foam-rolling my sore muscles. Ouch. I’ve got a bit of a roaming niggle in my left foot/ankle which moves consistently and therefore (probably) isn’t actually an issue with my foot, but rather somewhere else that’s tight in my body.

In the evening, that niggle kept playing on my mind, and 400m into my tempo run I decided it would be sensible to cut down from doing 12km at speed to just one lap around Battersea Park (~3.5km). That made me really frustrated and started crying in the middle of the park (very graceful). I had been struggling with motivation for a while, pushing through to Amsterdam despite hitting my goal at Reykjavik, and not sure why I was putting myself through all the healthy-eating/hard-training dedication. Later decided to forget all the rules for the weekend and ‘reset’, and properly enjoy my time in Bordeaux.

Friday: Rest

Flew out to Bordeaux! The rest of the girls didn’t arrive til much later in the evening, so I spent most of the day alone. Had to go out to Pauillac to pick up my bib for the race, which ended up being ~3.5hrs spent on the bus and very frustrating. But the expo was fun and I had a few glasses of wine to get into the mood. On the bus back I met some guys from London also running the race and we had dinner (and more wine) together which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Saturday: Medoc Marathon

My recollection of this day is entirely cased in a wine-induced haze but I had so much fun. It was a total blast to run with Stella, Melanie and Cat and chat, smile and dance our way around the 42.2km. We skipped the first few wine stops because they were too crowded (to the point that you couldn’t even run past them, you had to walk/squeeze through the congestion) did drink at all of the rest, and enjoyed oysters, steak, cheese and ice-cream later on! Cat did a brilliant job running her first-ever marathon, and all in all it was a fabulous and very different race experience.

Sunday: Rest

Woke up with such an awful hangover, spent the day exploring Bordeaux and then sat around in the airport for hours while our plane home got more and more delayed…

Stella dancing through “Le Miroir d’Eau” in Bordeaux

Total kilometres: 76.8km

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