Training: 5-11 Feb

Finally 100km+! Feels like that’s taken a while to come, but I’m glad it got done and in a nice, measured way that didn’t feel like a stretch at all. My body is becoming more and more used to running long, which is exactly what I need it to be doing. We had snow this week (!) which changed things a bit, but it was an interesting experience to run on the crunchy white stuff (and all the slush afterwards…)



Expected: 2hr long run + Strength (lower)
Actual: Was very pleasantly surprised to find that I could back up a 3hr long run the day before with another 2hr effort – and even run at a faster pace. It started snowing while I was running, so that was fun (but also a bit annoying because it got in my face a lot). Strength session in the morning was the satisfying type that made me want to go back for more.
[22.8km, 2:00:09, 5:16/km, 154bpm]


Expected: Yoga class + Adidas Runners 12km @ 4:30 (as tempo run)
Actual: Had forgotten that yoga would be in French but it was a good opportunity to learn the imperative (command) form. Adidas Runners was unfortunately cancelled for safety reasons which was devastating as I didn’t want to go out and run in the snow and dark alone. Instead I tried to do my tempo run on the treadmill but after 5km I was so bored and overheated that I walked away. Probably shouldn’t have.
[5km, 22:53, 4:35/km]


Expected: Easy run
Actual: Crunchy crunchy snow! My Swedish friend Casja convinced me to give the snow a try and I actually had a lot of fun. Mapped out a route which followed the perimeter of the 15th Arrondissement and was mostly successful at circumnavigating it, minus a few parks which were closed from the snow.
[9km, 51:12, 5:41/km + 6.5km, 36:27, 5:33/km (continuous, Garmin died)]


Expected: 4x1200m intervals with 400m jog recovery, plus 2km WU & 5km CD + optional run-commute
Actual: Took the intervals to the treadmill because the track was snowed under. Despite wearing shorts it was still really hot – my gym needs a fan near the treadmills! Ran the intervals at 14.4kph, 14.5kph, 14.5kph and then on the last rep (14.4kph) stopped after 200m, so in order to catch up the time lost from the treadmill getting up to speed cranked it up every 200m from 14.4kph to 14.8kph. Sweaty mess by the end of it. Later ran to school with a lap around the Jardin de Luxembourg for some extra kilometres.
[10km, ??:?? + 6.6km, 37:27, 5:43/km]


Expected: Strength (upper)
Actual: Don’t seem to have lost too much strength which either shows that I wasn’t lifting heavy enough before or that I’ve just always been a weakling ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Expected: 3hr long run
Actual: My legs were very unhappy to have been pulled out of bed, but I’d organised to meet Eleanor for a run through the woods so had no choice but to go. We had a great time trying not to slip on melting snow/ice and getting lost. I then ran another 16km by myself at a faster pace but it felt tough – one mandarin was probably not enough sustenance today.
[16.4km, 1:40:53, 6:08/km, 145bpm + 15.8km, 1:24:49, 5:22/km (continuous, Garmin died)]


Expected: 90min trail run
Actual: Traced the last remaining section of the Eco Trail de Paris route from 25-38km which means I’ve now run the whole course in training. Snow was properly melting now which meant I was running on slush on top of mud, not pleasant! Then it started raining which turned the ground to rivers… eek.
[14km, 1:36:46, 6:54/km, 139bpm]

Three good things for this week

  1. Reaching that 100km distance (which is an arbitrary number yet feels like a milestone). That’s the most kilometres I’ve ever run in a single week.
  2. Fitting in two strength sessions and a yoga class in amongst all the kilometres
  3. Sucking up running on the snow (which wasn’t that bad) and the treadmill (which was awful).

Three things to improve on

    1. Need to remember to charge my Garmin!
  1. I’ve been sorely neglecting my hill work and it’s showing (I think that Strava’s elevation data is sometimes incorrect). Will schedule some specific hill sessions next week
  2. Oh and I should get back on that tempo run business
Total kilometres: 106.1km, 1186m+

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