Training: 5-11 March

I’ve started working with a coach! I decided that despite thinking that I’ve got a handle on this running training thing, I’m actually totally out of my depth when it comes to the ultra. Plus, when I start working again in May I won’t have nearly as much time, and so outsourcing my training planning to someone else just makes sense. This was the first week of training with Coach Ben, and it was… light. But potentially that was also a really good thing for me.



Expected: Strength (upper) + Easy 45min
Actual: Felt like the first day of spring (didn’t last, but still) and it was just glorious to be outside. Took a different route and discovered some new parks and a track near my place.
[8.9km, 51:11, 5:45/km, 147bpm]


Expected: Yoga + Adidas Runners
Actual: There was this tricky balance combination in yoga which made me feel like my leg was about to fall off, but I got through it. The Adidas route in the evening was incredibly boring, just up and down the Seine and my group couldn’t get its pace sorted. In the end a few of us ran off ahead a bit faster and that felt a lot more comfortable. OH and my bike arrived from London so I got to ride it for the first time this year, only ~10min but in the sun and that was awesome.
[12km, 1:06:00, 5:30/km, 151bpm]


Expected: Strength (lower) + Easy 30min
Actual: 30min easy almost feels like a waste of getting changed and heading out the door, but for now I’m trying the new approach and we’ll see how it goes, or if I go mad first. Did mean that everything was done early in the day, so I could go visit the Musée d’Orsay for some culture 🎨
[5.7km, 32:32, 5:42/km]


Expected: 10min WU, 6x5min at threshold off 90sec, 10min CD
Actual: Threshold is described as ‘4-5 word pace’ so I probably looked quite funny occasionally talking to myself to see if I was running at an appropriate speed! Cried some tears on rep 3 but pulled it together again and ran more sensibly, and in the end was pretty satisfied with the session. 90sec of rest was just enough.
[11.5km, 55:52, 4:51/km]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Calculated that I hadn’t had a total rest day in over a month so just sat around doing nothing all morning 👍


Expected: Volunteer at parkrun + 75min with 10 x (1min @ 90%, 1min easy) in the middle
Actual: Ran after a rainy parkrun through the Bois de Boulogne, enjoying the scenery. Wore far too many layers expecting it still to be winter (it’s getting warm!) & had to strip off to do my intervals. Could just about push through the 1min (ranging from 3:40/km to 3:56/km pace) and completed 6 reps before I stopped for a breather. Screwed up the 9th rep but redid it and then ran home incredibly hungry, but more relaxed and comfortable than on the warmup.
[16.1km, 1:26:47, 5:23/km, 158bpm]


Expected: 150min easy long run as 19min run, 1min walk
Actual: My friend Eleanor joined me and we just had the most incredible day out on the trails. It was 17 degrees (!!!!!) and I could wear shorts and a t-shirt and we got completely covered in mud and it was just brilliant. She went home after ~18km and I tacked on a little bit more before sprinting for the train where I got lots of disgusted looks by ladies for the state of my legs 😂
[26km, 2:46:06, 6:23/km, 148bpm]

Three good things for this week

  1. The weather has been glorious (apart from some pockets of rain) and I am soooooo excited for spring!
  2. My change of attitude to walking on the trails. Last week I was so frustrated because I had to walk up the hills, but this week I just enjoyed the break and then kept going at the top. Definitely the way to run!
  3. Getting to ride my bike again 💛

Three things to improve on

  1. Didn’t feel like I did much on the weekdays this week – either I want to run more or I’m going to add in some cross-training else I’ll go stir-crazy.
  2. On that topic, I kept meaning to go for a swim all week but never fit it in.
  3. Still have a lot to learn in terms of pacing. For example, I couldn’t tell you the difference between 90% and all-out effort.
Total kilometres: 80.2km, 938m+

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