Training: 5-11 Nov

After all the Chicago fuss, I’ve barely spoken about the fact that there were still two more marathons to run this year! One was this weekend, the ‘authentic’ Athens Marathon, which I would be running side-by-side with Sye. It was his 3rd marathon and I was excited to get to run with him and also explore Greece a little. In amongst the realisation of ‘oh, it’s this weekend’ I barely noticed that I got in 4 runs and a half-decent number of kilometres (although thanks largely to the Sunday marathon).

With the year winding down I’m starting to think about everything that’s happened this year, and how to take that forward into 2019. I’ve always got big plans, and in these final (hopefully) weeks of my ‘off-season’ I’ll be collating all the data and experiences to decide how I want things to go next year. Getting ready and excited to train again – but still patiently waiting for that time to come. It’s better to be a little undertrained but fully excited rather than to keep blasting through as I typically do.



Expected: Rest day
Actual: Still meaning to go back to that Monday night yoga class, but something always gets in the way!


Expected: 10min WU, then 3x3min @ threshold off 60sec recovery, 10min CD
Actual: Ooft, I’d forgotten how speedwork stings. Forgot how much the recovery was meant to be, so did 30sec, then forgot to check the time after the second rep so did 60sec after all, and generally forgot everything along the way. In amongst the burn though it does feel good to run fast again. Reps (per 3mins): 4:17/km, 4:18/km, 4:33/km (with a hill & turnaround). Then another class of Body Pump in the evening – the obsession isn’t over yet.
[6km, 33:56, 5:39/km, 156bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Sye has been getting up at ~5:30am ever since he returned from Australia, and I’ve started to become jealous of the extra time he has in the day while I keep snoozing. Decided that I’m going to attempt to wake up with him and start the day with 20mins of yoga, as we did today. Hopefully that helps keeps my muscles flexible for all the running to come.


Expected: Swim + stretch
Actual: 1200m at the pool, including a main set of 3x300m which felt nice and relaxed. After work I headed out for a run with Sye – he wanted to try running at marathon pace (~6:00+) but we kept getting caught up and going a bit too fast.
[6.4km, 36:36, 5:45/km, 143bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Did a bit of yoga before flying out to Athens. We mostly follow ‘Yoga with Adriene’ videos on Youtube, and accidentally chose one which was a breathing flow – so didn’t actually help stretch out our muscles! Good to know for next time…
Had the most incredible evening in Athens sharing an Eatwith with locals and two Swedish travellers, plus drinking too much wine 🙊 Not the best marathon prep, but worth it for the experience!


Expected: 20min easy run + strides
Actual: When in a new city (ok, I’ve been to Athens once before, but that was 10 years ago so I don’t remember it much) I always want to do some sightseeing on my shakeout run. Found a route which would be ~5km return starting from our place… with a casual 200m climb in it 😱 Once again, not the best marathon prep but the views from the top were incredible! We took lots of walk-stops to be on the safe side.
[4.7km, 34:54, 7:25/km, 139bpm]


Expected: Athens Marathon
Actual: I’ll let Sye recap the race for you in his guest blog post (coming tomorrow) and won’t spoil the details 😉 Let me just say this: I had incredible fun, high-fived lots of children, and it was a true honour to run in the steps of Pheidippides 🇬🇷 Incredibly proud of Sye too, it was a hot day and a tough run, but we made it!
[42.5km, 5:23:22, 7:37/km, 146bpm]

Total kilometres: 59.6km 

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