Training 6-12 Feb

I was sick the entire week. The WHOLE WEEK! That’s never happened before, and it put a bit of a dampener on the training. Oh well, better to take a few rest days and let my body recover from whatever nasty bug it’s been dealing with than try and go out and run run run myself into the ground.

Monday – Gym and Fitness assessment

Legs and Cardio from Week 4 of the BBG guide – just got to the gym and did it without thinking too much. The sets went by pretty quickly, and this time I even had a proper skipping rope of the right length! However – this was the only gym session I managed this week so I will probably repeat Week 4 again next week.

At lunchtime I did a Vitality fitness assessment at Virgin Active. We’ve just switched to Vitality insurance at work, and I’m enjoying racking up the points from my daily walking, parkruns and now this fitness assessment. I need to wait to get my results back, but after the main portion of the test (stepping up a 30cm step for 3mins) my heart rate was 88, so fairly sure I’m in good health!

Tuesday – Track

We upped the distance from 800m to 1000m this week, but dropped the reps back down to 5. I could feel that I was getting sick, so decided to only run a few with the second group (~4:00/km) before moving down to group 3 (~4:20/km). I felt fine on the first one, but on the second the group started splitting apart with me towards the back. I figured that would be my last one, and so hung on to the end only to find we had just run a 3:53! OK well I may as well do one more with group 2 then 😛

The other brilliant thing about this session was that Sye came along! With 16 weeks to go he’s now kicking off the main part of his Edinburgh training. Speed training will be a weekly feature in his plan, so I hope to see him at track many more times in the coming months!

Wednesday – Rest (sick)


Thursday – Rest (sick)

Still yuk.

Did meet up with coach Justin to chat plans for the next few months, and I’m feeling really good about everything leading up to Paris and London in April. We’ve got a solid strategies in place for how to approach the next few marathons, as well as coming up with methods to make those awful Thursday morning runs go a bit better. Now I just want to run!


Managed a 3.6km run to Hammersmith bridge and back in the morning – just enough to feel like I can still run without causing any negative effects. This illness has really done a number on me.

Saturday – parkrun volunteering + Cross Country

Volunteered at Fulham Palace parkrun in the morning – it was freeeeezing but many of the participants thanked us for putting up with the cold, so that was nice. It’s good to occasionally give back, makes you feel like more of the parkrun community which I love so much.

Then cross country: 7.5km of snow, mud, rocks, hills, more mud and falling on my butt. What’s not to hate?

Sunday – Long Run

Such a lovely run with the Advent Running crew going from Old Street to the Cutty Sark. The original plan was 100 minutes and to go to Greenwich Observatory, but those two inputs don’t calculate mathematically… so we ended up turning around at the Cutty Sark and heading back to run 22.5km in two hours. I felt strong and could adjust my pace happily depending on who I was running with and how I felt in the moment. No stress, just fun with friends – that’s what running should be about.

Total kilometres: 41.2km

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