Training: 6-12 Nov

I didn’t hit any of my targets for this week in terms of kilometres run, number of times at the gym or swimming. There’s been a lot of other things going on as we count down to leaving London which have been filling up the time. However, I feel like the runs I did do went well, and I’m still satisfied with how the week went.

Monday: Rest

Had one last day on the French Riviera, which I spent exploring Monaco! As it turns out, it’s only a 20min, €7 train ride away from Nice, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add another country to my list of places visited. Spent the whole day walking around the city/country from top to bottom and by the day had racked up a solid 29,000 steps! It was a great way to shake out my legs after the marathon the day before.

Tuesday: Fast, short run

Back in London where it’s now properly wintertime. That means that it’s dark and cold coming home from work, and I had no great desire to go out and run. However, I convinced myself to just go for a short loop and ended up running very quickly for 4km. It felt like I was rinsing out some of the frustration from the marathon, that I hadn’t been able to run well or fast how I would have liked.

Wednesday: Strength (upper) + Run-commute

With friends coming over for dinner I had to use my commute to fit in my run. I hadn’t done this for a while because the route had become very boring and felt ploddy. However, with some time away I didn’t mind the run today, aided by the gorgeous autumn leaves all around. It was also a faster run-commute than I used to do (probably because I forgot to pack shoes…).

Thursday: Beigelrun

THIS WAS SO FUN! I used to live 2km down the road from the starting point of Beigelrun and would turn up every week at 6:45am to do the 10km route. Now that I’m on the other side of the city it takes a lot more effort (and less sleep!) so I haven’t been in too long. But seeing as it was one of my last opportunities to do this run, I dragged myself out of bed to meet up with my friends. It’s lovely to run through the city before people wake up, and I extended the run to take me to work: 14km in total from East to West London – finishing with a bagel, of course!

Friday: Strength (lower)

Revisited an old leg-press set because the thought of kettlebells was just too much. Have dropped doing the core sets at the end of these gym sessions and I think that’s been a mistake.

Saturday: Nonsuch parkrun + Cross-Country

Despite last season’s horror cross-country races (recapped here and here) I still signed up to participate this year, mostly because the camaraderie is worth the pain. I could only attend one fixture though, which also doubled up as my last race for 2017 (!!). It was held in Nonsuch park in Surrey, on (thankfully) one of the flattest & shortest courses.

Nonsuch Park also hosts a parkrun each week, so a group of us ran this as a warmup before the race. It rained and was already very muddy, but certainly gave us a good taste of what was to come! After coffee & a pastry it was time to race: I set off like a rocket and then just tried to hang on for the 6km. It was tough going but I didn’t give up and came in over a minute faster than last year on the same course! That’s what we call progress ?

The other major breakthrough of the day was that after 21 days of the 30burpees30days challenge, I finally managed to do 30 in a row!!! I also tested how my push-ups are coming along and knocked out 23, up from 15 ten days ago. In another ten days when the challenge ends I hope to be able to do a set of 30 without stopping.

Sunday: ‘Long’ run

Sye and I took a trip east to revisit the canals and parks we used to always run around. It was so pleasant and the kilometres just flew by. Was sooooo freezing though, was grateful that I’d pulled out the winter layers because otherwise I probably would have turned into an icicle.

Total kilometres: 51.1km

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