Training: 8-14 Jan

It felt like this week was the proper start to marathon/ultra training. I followed a specific plan, executed all of the key running sessions, and came out the end of it feeling great. This week was so much better than last week – I think I was finally ready (after 15 weeks!) to tackle a new goal. Bring it on!



Expected: 12km easy run with 4x2min hills @ MP
Actual: 12.5km easy run with 5x1min hills as fast as I could (but not MP). 2min was just too long to start off with, but I will build that up over this training cycle. Also did a legs session (my only strength training of the week…)
[12.5km, 1:10:32, 5:38/km, 148bpm]


Expected: Adidas Runners Odéon 10km
Actual: After a long day of apartment hunting & class, the Adidas Runners was brilliant amounts of fun! Chose to do 12km @ 5:45 pace for an easy run, and ended with a sprint finish for the lolz
[10.6km, 58:15, 5:28/km, 150bpm + 1.4km untracked]


Expected: 12x400m intervals with 400m jog recovery, plus 2km WU & 2km CD
Actual: SMASHED IT. Found a ~800m loop close-ish to our place (got lost on the way there so had an extended warm-up) and did 6 reps anti-clockwise then 6 reps anti-clockwise. Aimed for 1:35-1:40 and managed 1:36, 1:47 (eek), 1:40, 1:37, 1:38, 1:38, 1:33, 1:34, 1:37, 1:36, 1:37, 1:39.
[15km, 1:23:07, 5:32/km, 150bpm]


Expected: Never Stop Paris run + strength
Actual: Rest day. Needed it after the intervals on Wednesday.


Expected: 9km tempo run, plus 2km WU & 2km CD
Actual: Eugh the first 3.5km of the tempo section was dodgy. I was maintaining ~4:35 pace but stopping all the time. My heart wasn’t in it, I wanted to turn around and go back to bed, nearly cried. Somehow sucked it up and in the second half ran a very solid 2.25km at speed without stopping. That felt like a breakthrough. (Shortened the CD to avoid running up the big hill).
[12km, 59:14, 4:56/km, 155bpm]

The point where I had a change of heart. Could the statue have had an impact?

Expected: Parkrun volunteering + 2hr long run
Actual: Loved volunteering as marshall + tokens at Bois du Boulogne parkrun, and then made my way back to the same park later on for my long run. Listened to two episodes of the Marathon Talk podcast and tried to get myself lost in the woods (but ended up doing an out&back 😂). Comfortable running and even did the big hill in one go to finish!
[23km, 2:08:07, 5:34/km, 148bpm]

parkrun finishers

Expected: 1hr trail run
Actual: Took Sye along to run part of the Eco Trail de Paris route which I’ll be racing in March. We had a lovely run through the woods at very social, chatty pace. The sun was shining, the route was great – brilliant afternoon.
[12.1km, 1:20:50, 6:40/km, 304m elevation]

Three good things for this week

  1. Nailing the first proper interval run I’ve done in… months? I didn’t cut down the session, I didn’t quit, and I mostly hit the pace I was aiming for. YAAAAAASSSS
  2. Every run was 12+km which gave a nice total weekly kilometres despite the long run being 23km. I think it’s good to spread out total distance across the week rather than one excessively long run and a lot of short ones.
  3. Spoke French most of the time with the Adidas Runners crew on Tuesday!

Three things to improve on

  1. My lack of strength training these past two weeks is dismal. I’m not doing well at motivating myself to strength-train at home, and haven’t signed up for a gym yet. One of those two things needs to change
  2. I ate so much bread this week it’s ridiculous. And not great for my nutrition.
  3. My tempo run still needs work to keep going at a consistent pace rather than stopping. I have at least cut down on the photo breaks, so that’s something.
Total kilometres: 86.7km, 1079m+ elevation

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