Training: 8-14 Oct

And with that, Chicago Marathon is done, the PB for 2018 has been achieve… now what? Recovery! I’ve still got a few more races coming up this year, so it’s really important to take a little break now. As much as I just want to jump back in, Coach Ben has me not running very much at all (check out this week’s total kilometres – crazy!). I did come up with a little 3-min-a-day conditioning set though, so at least I’m doing something.


Monday & Tuesday

Expected: Rest day / 20-30mins conditioning
Actual: My last days in Chicago! Figured the best things for post-marathon legs was to walk about a lot, so that’s what I did. Ticked off all the last things on my list, including an architecture tour on the river, visiting Lincoln Park and eating at the Nutella Café!


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Arrived back in Paris at 11am and made the stupid mistake of having a nap… so tired woah!


Expected: Rest day / easy run
Actual: Still so tired & nearly fell asleep at work, so I just had to move my body and try and wake it up a bit. Ran to a bridge near me where you can see the Eiffel Tower (hi! 👋) and back home – it rained on the way back but I was happy to be moving again!
[4.1km, 24:35, 5:59/km, 137bpm]


Expected: 20-30mins conditioning
Actual: Another rest day because why not


Expected: parkrun
Actual: Ended up having a few (too many) drinks with work friends the night before and totally slept through parkrun. Ran in the afternoon instead, before getting totally sucked into watching the Ironman World Champs all evening 🏊‍♀️🚴🏃‍♀️
[5.2km, 30:15, 5:48/km, 157bpm]


Expected: 30mins recovery run (optional)
Actual: My legs felt heavy and slow, with an added ache in my left quad. Did some foam-rolling later to try and ease it – can I just go back to normal now?
[5.3km, 31:11, 5:51/km, 152bpm]

Total kilometres: 14.6km

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