Training: 9-15 April

Race week #2, and the first time I’ve ever run back-to-back marathons without a weekend off. It makes training in between really interesting, because you’re not sure if you’re recovering or tapering, plus given that Manchester was at a comfortable pace, I didn’t have much muscle-ache. It meant a lot of communication with my coach throughout the week to strike the right balance of training & recovery.



Expected: 20-30min Strength & Conditioning
Actual: Rest day. Between my last few hours in Manchester and travelling to London, there just wasn’t time to do any S&C. Did visit the Manchester Art Gallery though which had a few nice pieces including a ‘Mindfulness’ exhibition with some comfy sofas.


Expected: Easy social run
Actual: Fit in Monday’s S&C in the morning, and then in the evening met up with my London running friends at the Camden Brewery ‘Run Like Hells’ event. Everyone else ran fartlek intervals but I just took it nice and chill until we got kicked out of the park.
[8.2km, 48:08, 5:51/km, 136bpm]


Expected: 20-30min Strength & Conditioning
Actual: Although this week is light on running, I got the green light to ‘walk to my heart’s content’. That meant heading down to the North Downs Way to check out a 25km section ahead of the ultra race in May. OK – I probably overdid the distance and walking it in road running shoes was a bad idea… It was so muddy that most of the walking was actually sliding and my butt was aching by the end. Oops.
[25.7km, 5:01:40, 11:44/km, 105bpm, 789m+]


Expected: 10min WU then 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1mins @ threshold off 60sec jog, 10min CD
Actual: With my aching butt I figured I wouldn’t be able to hit normal threshold pace and that took all the pressure off this session. Warmed into it and my last few reps were actually at decent speed! One of the hardest things I find is switching between fast and slow pace, I just want to stop and catch my breath after each rep.
[10km, 50:55, 5:05/km, 164bpm]


Expected: Rest Day
Actual: ✌


Expected: 30min easy run
Actual: Headed down to Brighton, picked up my pacer kit and immediately went for my run to test it out. Very pleased with the 2XU gear, it’s comfortable and fits really well. Spent the rest of the day volunteering at the expo, giving out pace-bands to nervous marathoners.
[5.5km, 30:44, 5:37/km, 153bpm]


Expected: Brighton Marathon
Actual: As an official 4:00 pacer, there was a lot of pressure to get my splits right and motivate the people around me to achieve their sub-4 dreams. Very pleased to come in at 3:56:33 with beautiful pacing (if I may say so myself). Unfortunately I lost my balloon less than 2miles into the race and definitely missed the cheers I normally get, but it was a whole new marathon experience and I’m glad I did it. Race report will be up in the next few days 👍 That’s the second of my 4in4sub4 done, two more to go!
[42.3km, 3:59:33, 5:39/km, 154bpm]

Three good things for this week

  1. Beautiful pacing during Brighton Marathon, and afterwards getting to chat to some people who I helped go sub-4 for the first time!
  2. Catching up with London friends who I’ve missed a lot
  3. Walking the North Downs Way. It was absolutely beautiful and has given me an idea of what the 50miler will be like in May.

Three things to improve on

  1. Chilling out between marathons. I’m always go-go-go and want to be training, but I need to recognise that rest and recovery is OK too.
  2. Getting to know people in the Paris running community more. I love my London crew so much, and I really want to establish that in the city where I live too.
  3. Wearing sunscreen… the sun came out this weekend & I definitely got a bit too much of it.
Total kilometres: 91.7km, 1355m+

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