Training 9-15 Jan

Despite getting sick on Thursday, I still managed to complete all the runs in my training plan for this week. Sure, the gym fell by the wayside (again), but I have plans for how to pick that back up again next week ūü홬†This week featured the 3rd cross-country race for the season, some parkrun tourism¬†as well as a lovely long run with friends in the rain.

Monday – Gym

10mins of intervals on the stationary bike: 1:30 @ level 5 then 30sec sprint @ level 10, plus resistance machines same as last week with 5 sets of 12-15 (first 2 sets at one weight lower). Finished off with 3x1min plank interspersed with 20 Russian twists.

Tuesday – Track

Brilliant session at track! Stepping it up from last week we ran 6x 800m reps with a target pace of 3:12 per 800m. I felt strong and finished like a boss, even with some more in the tank. I stupidly then made the promise that next week I’d step it up to the fastest group for at least two reps…

Warm up: 8 laps (3.2km)
Rep 1: 3:16
Rep 2: 3:14
Rep 3: 3:14
Rep 4: 3:10 (toughest rep)
Rep 5: 3:11
Rep 6: 3:11
Cool down: 2 laps (800m)
Total: 9km

Wednesday – Easy run

My wonderful boyfriend last Sunday decided that he wanted to try this whole ‘marathon-running’ thing and signed up for Edinburgh marathon, so this morning we went for an easy half hour run around Victoria Park¬†together. I’m lucky enough to be his coach for the 20-weeks leading up to the marathon, so it was a good way to see where his running is at – as well as enjoying being outside in the morning together! I’m excited to see how he progresses over the next few months.

Spent the evening stuck into¬†Lisa Jackson’s¬†Your Pace or Mine¬†and ignoring everything else I needed to do. It was great.

Thursday – Progression run

Woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat and blocked nose, the winter had caught up with me (again). Tried to do my progression run before breakfast but only managed 2km before deciding¬†it was futile and¬†I would try again later after I’d had some food and medication.

Having taken some pseudoephedrine (my saviour whenever I get sick) and feeling better I went out at lunchtime to do the progression run. It clearly worked because I was able to power through almost all the 45 minute set at faster speeds than normal. The last 6 minutes of the hard section required some breathers, but I finished it all (and then had soup!)

Easy: 15mins @ 5:10
Steady: 15mins @ 4:48
Hard: 15mins @ 4:29

In the evening I bundled up in a million layers and went to Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna preview performance at Royal Albert Hall. A great show with some incredible acrobatics and the most spell-binding display of stick-balancing (best way to describe it, sounds weird but I promise you, it was amazing!) I’ve ever seen. Go see it!

Friday – Rest/sick day

Cancelled everything outside of work and just focussed on getting my body healed and ready to run again tomorrow.

Saturday – parkrun and XC

True to my ‘Run 17 different parkruns in London in 2017’ goal, I ran at Tooting Common for the first time as it was on the way down south to XC. My direct¬†train was cancelled, and then the connecting train was delayed so I ended up having to dash to the start line, and only made it with a minute spare. Tooting Common¬†parkrun¬†is 3 laps, and probably the largest parkrun I’ve ever attended. I finished in 339th place in¬†a very average time of 27:50,¬†out of¬†a total of 598 runners – amazing numbers! I liked the course, a lap didn’t feel too long and you could always see other people around due to the sheer numbers. I could see that it was frustrating for the leaders as they had to weave through runners who cared more about avoiding puddles than moving aside for the faster runners coming through. Also, the end wasn’t terribly well organised as you had to cross back through the finishing chute from the token-scanning to the bag area – I even saw a collision happen in the chute: not how you want to finish a run!

Then came the awful XC race that was. Mud, snow, hills, freezing conditions and a thoroughly under-dressed Julia did not make a good run at all.

Sunday – Long run

I’ve convinced my friend Mathieu/Frenchie to run his first marathon in his hometown of Paris with me in April, so took him along for a¬†long run with my¬†friend Heidi had organised. It was a miserable and rainy day but¬†we were joined by Michele and David to make a group of 5 running a loop from Greenwich to London Bridge and back to total 20km. We were thoroughly soaked by the end of it, but much happier for having got out there and achieved something. I was a bit concerned that the group would be too¬†fast for my long run¬†pace, but I ended up being very comfortable over the whole run.

One year anniversary of getting together with my boyfriend (before I moved to London 5 days later… awks) so we went to Jamie’s Italian and ate steak and a delicious panna cotta for dessert. I probably should have taken a photo but ate it instead!

Total kilometres: 60.2km
(slowly picking up the mileage again)

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