Training: 9-15 July

Mixed week with lots of ups and downs. After my week in Canada I was incredibly tired, and it took me a good few days to feel like myself again. The key interval sessions did not go to plan, and work got pretty frustrating by the end of the week. But then it all got better on the weekend when I got to enjoy some great easy runs, Bastille Day and France winning the World Cup! 🇫🇷⚽🏆 The spirit in Paris was incredible, and it was impossible not to feel elated.



Expected: 30min recovery run + 20min conditioning
Actual: Did one of the Algarve conditioning videos before work and then used the evening run to catch up & chit-chat with Sye.
[6km, 33:45, 5:37/km, 148bpm]


Expected: 10min WU, then 2x 4x 2min @ 5k pace off 60sec recovery & 3min between sets, 10min CD
Actual: Had so many stupid stitches that I had to take the 3min recovery after just 3 reps, again after the 6th rep, and then faded on the 7th and called it quits. Was pretty disappointed with my effort until I put it in perspective of the recent travel plus step-up in difficulty of these sessions.
[8.5km, 46:15, 5:26/km, 157bpm]


Expected: 30min recovery run
Actual: Slotted in my run between work and meeting friends to watch the England vs Croatia semi-final. Had lots of energy and got a bit caught up in all the excitement of a possible France-England final (alas, wasn’t to be), so this felt pretty good.
[5.8km, 32:44, 5:35/km, 150bpm]


Expected: Rest
Actual: Headed to the gym for an upper-body strength session


Expected: 10min WU, 15min @ threshold, 2min recovery, then 6x90sec @ 5k pace with 45sec recovery, 10min CD
Actual: Successfully did the 15min threshold section (avg pace 4:30/km) and then tried to roll straight into the 90sec reps but I just couldn’t get it right. The reps were somewhere between 50-90sec, and I needed minutes of recovery after each. After one I stood there just staring at my feet, willing them to move again. Haven’t yet got the hang of these two-part sessions.
[10km, 52:09, 5:13/km, 162bpm]


Expected: 45min easy run + stretch
Actual: After Run Directing at parkrun (solo, for the first time ever!), Sye and I went for a little exploratory loop of Vanves. I picked out a bunch of parks and we ran between them, with mixed success. Sye got a bit annoyed because I kept stopping for photos 😂 but I loved seeing a new area of the city. (Having problems with my Garmin though, because we were not running that slowly, and the data is totally off in comparison to Sye’s. Not sure what’s going on there.)
[9km*, 56:46, 6:17/km*, 145bpm]


Expected: 75min long run
Actual: Decided to head out to the trails and run part of the EcoTrail route, which I love. Was very surprised to find that I could run up most of the hills, including my nemesis hill which has defeated me so many times in the past. Success!
[12.7km, 1:20:01, 6:17/km, 158bpm]

Total kilometres: 52.1km

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