Training: 9-15 Oct

This was a mixed off-season/marathon week where I primarily wanted to try some different activities but also to fit in a few more kilometres to shake-out the legs. I also made a conscious effort to clean up my diet (no drunken nights and junk-food binges) which generally helped to feel better.

Monday: Nothing

Was going to go to the gym in the morning… but slept instead. 🙄

Tuesday: Easy run

After a crappy, emotional day Sye bought me flowers and then dragged me out for a run. Our loop around Clapham & Wandsworth Common is 7km or 10km if you add another little loop, so I set out with the intention to do 7km and then see how I felt. We were having such a lovely time chatting and my legs felt fine that it was an easy decision to keep going and do the full 10km.

Wednesday: Boxing

After over a year of promising to teach me how to punch, Sye finally showed me how it goes! I think I surprised him with how semi-decent I was (win!) – but of course I don’t have anywhere near the power he does 😉 We started off with some techniques, looking at how to jab and hook, then finished with two killer sets of 3x30sec jabs. My arms were dead after!

Thursday: Football

Every week, a group of people from my company go and play football together at the Power League pitches in Shoreditch. It’s always sounded like a lot of fun, but I haven’t joined them for fear of injuring myself pre-marathon. This week I finally accepted that there will always be another marathon and went along – and it was so much fun! We played non-stop for 40min in an intense 3vs3 format. I wasn’t half-bad either and even scored two goals! My team ended up losing 19-20, if it hadn’t been for that own goal… (not by me!)

Friday: Shake-out run

A little loop around the Common to get a few more kilometres in my legs before the marathon on Sunday. It’s disappointingly dark in the evenings now and will soon get very cold again too, but I managed to get away with wearing shorts for at least one more run!

Saturday: Rest

HA OH JEEZ what a nightmare morning: we got up super early to go to the airport to fly out to Amsterdam, then on the train I realised I had left my passport at home!!! 😱 Thankfully there was just enough time to get an Uber home, grab it, get on the train and then dash through the airport to arrive at the gates 2mins before closing. Phew!

Amsterdam is a gorgeous city. The most important thing was to go to the expo to pick up our bibs (half marathon for Sye, full marathon for me). Sye at that point didn’t think he was going to run the half, but I think the expo atmosphere encouraged him to commit to lining up the next day.

Sunday: Amsterdam Marathon

While I had hoped that by some miracle I would be able to run a time similar to Berlin, realistically I knew that probably wasn’t going to happen, given that I had barely run in the past few weeks. I started running with my friend Coren (who stormed on to run 3:27:27!), but dropped off after 5km. Had very heavy legs already at 14km and spent most of the time just trying to get to the next water station where I would have a little walk break. Eventually though (as always happens) I made it to the end – and then completely missed Sye as he ran past in the half! 😭

Total kilometres: 55.6km

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