Walk on the Wild Side in Like the Wind #17

My mum is in Paris! It’s super lovely to have her here and get to spend some time together. She lives in Australia with Dad, so although we FaceTime most weekends, we don’t see each other in person often. This time she has come alone to explore the city, and we’ve been eating lots of painfromage and drinking French vin (OK, pretty standard really). I’m tapering at the moment ahead of Chicago, which means I have more time for her – she’s always been very supportive of my running and has come to cheer lots of races, but it’s nice to be able to relax together in the evening without too many training sessions getting in the way.

In other exciting news, keen readers of Like the Wind magazine may have noticed my name in a by-line! I’m so excited to have my second article in print, this time talking about my first visit to the North Downs Way ahead of my 50-miler back in May. The piece tells the story of a day, but also a reflection on my journey into trail-running and what I learned along the way. It’s been beautifully illustrated by Frederick Saunders, featuring a certain key character that I met that day.

Like the Wind is created by runners, for runners. Each magazine is printed on heavy-stock paper, which gives it such a satisfying feeling in your hand. The stories inside cover all different facets of running, and I feel honoured to have my words included in Issue #17. You can pick up a copy via the LtW store, and then please let me know your thoughts about the article!

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